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Alan Weingarten, Five Star Review "Matias arrived at party before scheduled time, was extremely thoughtful and performed and interacted very well with guests and well as host he also stayed longer than requested Would recommend him very much"

- Alan Weingarten
Close-Up Show in Great Neck, NY

Alison Mehta, Five Star Review "I met Matias at a family party and he was amazing. He engaged every person in the room from age 5 to 70. Matias is incredibly friendly and it was such a pleasure to meet him."

- Alison Mehta
Family Show in Newton, MA

Anatoly Nakum, Five Star Review "Matias was amazing! We had a gathering of 20 people and booked Matias for a bit over an hour. He entertained us from the moment he arrived and we are still talking about his magic, days after the show. He was funny as well as magical! We would definitely book him again to find out what other tricks he has "up his sleeves"!"

- Anatoly Nakum
Close-Up Show in New York City, NY

Barbara Rich, Five Star Review "Matias gave us just what I wanted! He was charming, funny, interactive and skillful. We were on a tight schedule having rented the vestry where he was to perform so it would have been a tiny bit better if he had arrived about 10 minutes earlier. But over all everyone raved about his performance, and I will pass his name on to anyone who wants a lovely, experienced, handsome young man to charm the audience completely. I was particularly impressed that he stayed to enjoy people's company and allow my guests to interact with him."

- Barbara Rich
Stage Show in Groton, MA

Bob Filene, Five Star Review "Matias used his magical expertise and showmanship to deliver a terrific show. The audience rewarded him with a great round of applause at the end. Go see him if you get the chance."

- Bob Filene
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Brenda Clark, Five Star Review "Everything was excellent and as described beforehand. This was a mystery event for our development and everyone there was well entertained. They have not stopped talking about it, and thanking me for arranging it. The best part was the amount of audience participation! We will definitely recommend Matais and hope to see another of his performances in the future."

- Brenda Clark
Stage Show in Hudson, MA

Carlo P., Five Star Review "Matias provides an excellent performance that will entertain as well as challenge young minds in a manner that is unfortunately being lost with all the many electronic i-things that are being marketed towards young people."

- Carlo P.
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Christine Hodges, Five Star Review "Expect to have an all-around great time with Matias! Magician Matias exhibited nothing but good vibes from day one. Great with communication, great with following up and he was very generous with his time and effort considering our circumstance. He made our ice cream social a complete success for our residents and visitors. Everyone had nothing but positive comments following the show and couldn't have been more pleased. Well done, Matias. Well done. Thank you for making our event a memorable one for our seniors."

- Christine Hodges
Senior Center in Norwalk, CT

Clarence Metcalfe, Five Star Review "I have talked to the group and they judged it outstanding. Matias really made the event a success. Our congratulations and thanks for an excellent performance."

- Clarence Metcalfe
Close-Up Show in Barre, MA

Daniel Trombetto, Five Star Review "Matias is a consumate PRO! I've known Matias for a few years now and have been fortunate to see him work several times. He's a passionate and professional performer and I highly recommend him!"

- Daniel Trombetto
Stage Show in Derby, CT

Dee S., Five Star Review "Magician Matias is a incredible performer! Magician Matias is a incredible performer who continually changes his shows and tailors them to fit the audience. He captures the crowd's attention with charm and talent. I have watched him perform at a group show in Texas for 50 people and a private party to celebrate a 90th birthday. The now 92 year old is still talking about his performance 2 years later and her family has sweet memories of watching her amazement. Magician Matias is personable and entertaining and amazes audiences of all ages!!!"

- Dee S.
Family Show in Tampa, FL

Denise Ivaldi, Five Star Review "I hired Magician Matias for a graduation party for two of my (21 years old) graduating with a BA in English with an Art Minot, the other (24 years old) with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Since it was a double celebration, I wanted to do something extra special for them (keeping it a secret). When his van pulled up in front of the house, my older daughter came looking for me, thinking they might have the wrong address, then thought knowing her mother, maybe I had done something without their knowledge....oh how she knows me! I hired Magician Matias for a two hour period for some close-up/strolling magic as the party was being held at a home, both inside and out. When he arrived he changed into his black magician suit and introduced himself to my daughters and I....then said "ok, I'm going to get to my magic" and proceeded to stroll through the house, then out onto the porch and as I moved around...I heard a lot of laughing, along with "oh did you do that?" or "wow". The younger children thought he was "cool", the teenage girls thought he was cute and funny (well some of the adult women thought the same lol). Some of the children followed him around, the adults found him to be very personable and entertaining.....he literally "amazed" everyone at the party. After his strolling magic, he said that he wanted to do a parlor show for everyone and I can honestly say that people filled one room and many more stood at two see his magic continue. I was indeed impressed by his arrival, his magic, his friendliness, his timing, and his detail. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to have a little magic at their party or event. Everyone was truly amazed and tried to figure out how he did some of his magic, his impromptu camera magic still has my 21 year old talking about it. On a side note, I went to a niece's graduation party today and was asked by some of the younger children "Is that magician going to be here too?" I thought to myself, perhaps I should have surprised everyone at her party....and hired him for an hour or so.....well maybe next time. Enjoy the magic! Thank you Matias for helping to make Kristen and Hillary's graduation party a lot of fun! Denise, Kristen and Hillary Ivaldi"

- Denise Ivaldi
College Graduation in Sterling, MA

Donna Belinkie, Five Star Review "Magician Dazzles Adult Day Care! Magician Matias performed at Park City Adult Day Care for our Father's Day celebration. The magician managed to circumnavigate all of the cliches attached to magicians by bringing a fresh perspective and charming personality. His bilingual abilities allowed him to reach both Spanish and English speakers alike as he did everything from card tricks to levitation. Magician Matias kept the audience engaged (and even charmed some of the ladies). It was a truly great, interactive experience that had the whole group invested. As long as people like Magician Matias walk the earth magic will remain alive and well. Please, consider him for any magician appropriate endeavors, for his professionalism is incomparable and he delivers a consistently phenomenal show. You will not be disappointed."

- Donna Belinkie
Director of Human Resources - Park City Adult Day Care,
Senior Center in Bridgeport, MA

Eric Benton, Five Star Review "Matias's show was absolutely amazing! Not only were we blown away by his magic, we were thoroughly entertained as well! On top of all that he was very professional and a genuinely nice guy. Highly recommended!"

- Eric Benton
Close-Up Show in Boston, MA

Jane Stollenmeyer, Five Star Review "Matias put on an outstanding show! He arrived ahead of time to prepare his "stage' and brought everything he needed with him. He had 20 kids (ages 2-8) mesmerized for 45 minutes while all the adults mingled in another room. In fact, he was so entertaining that people kept migrating over to his show to see what all the laughter was about. Hire him. He is incredible!"

- Jane Stollenmeyer
Family Show in Concord, MA

Jenny Sequeira, Five Star Review "over all, the participants in the center loved your performance they really enjoyed it. it was something new and refreshing for them, especially since it was a celebration. thank you so much for your great work. !!!"

- Jenny Sequeira
Director - Fuente De Vida Adult Day Care Center,
Senior Center in Hyde Park, MA

John Sanbonmatsu, Five Star Review "Matias is awesome!!! I saw Matias perform at a private party. He performed something for me (a card trick) that left me literally gaping in amazement. Later I saw him perform for other guests-- they were just as knocked as I was. I really recommend Matias: he's very funny and personable and he brought a warm, charismatic presence to the party when I saw him perform. (He had everyone laughing, when they weren't gasping in astonishment.) I give him my highest recommendation."

- John Sanbonmatsu
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Kelly Mcvoy, Five Star Review "Matias is an amazing performer, and managed to blow the minds of all 12 adults in the audience! He was clever and fun and his magic was very cool. Even the most skeptical of our group was left feeling amazed and in awe. Matias showed up a few minutes early, was attentive to important details about our party and surpassed all of our expectations."

- Kelly Mcvoy
Stage Show in Milford, CT

Laura Harris, Five Star Review "I scrolled through Gigmaster until I found a magician that was relatively close to my location, appealing and not tacky. I liked his style, youth and intensity. I liked his manner, his ability to move through the crowd and work the party without instruction and the appropriateness of his work for adults. The magic was stunning and always, always enjoyable."

- Laura Harris
Close-Up Show in Kent, NY

Lynn Larsen, Five Star Review "We recently invited Magician Matias to a small birthday party for co-workers. Magician Matias was so much fun! His magic was amazing and very entertaining. I liked that his show was very interactive, and I think it was a great way for my co-workers to let loose and enjoy each others' company without talking about work. Magician Matias' show left everyone astonished and laughing for hours! Not only was his show incredible, but he was really, really funny. If you're looking for something different for a gathering instead of the usual pizza and cake, I highly recommend inviting Magician Matias. We had such a great time."

- Lynn Larsen
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Lynn Whitaker, Five Star Review "Matias' magic act is extremely entertaining! His showmanship and personality shines through his entire performance. Matias engages his audience with his tricks....and leaves you wondering...HOW DID HE DO THAT! I highly recommend Matias as entertainment for all of your large and small events. You won't be disappointed!"

- Lynn Whitaker
Close-Up Show in Sidney, NY

Mark Salmon, Five Star Review "The flair, showmanship and skill of Matias are exceptional! The flair, showmanship and skill of Matias are exceptional! I have witnessed him amaze and entertain total strangers and captivate entire audiences. He has the ability to create excitement with each person he meets. The magic of Matias charms people of all ages and has them begging for an encore! The art of magic is certainly time-honored and Matias joins the best of the current magicians maintaining this art. He does not simply do tricks.....he entertains and amazes!"

- Mark Salmon
Family Show in Tampa, FL

Melissa Velazquez, Five Star Review "We really enjoyed Matias farewell show. He is exceptional when it comes to providing service to his customers.The show was great. There were tricks that kept us trying to guess the secrets to that we will never be able to figure out and after speaking to people that he used for his exhibition. The tricked that wowed everyone was how he made his wife appear in the cage from no where (without even covering the cage completely- he only waved a sheet in front of it). Awesome show."

- Melissa Velazquez
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Michelle Ferreira-Piedade, Five Star Review "There were several wow factors that made me choose to contact Matias..very extensive resume, interactive website, video clips and customer comments and the fact that he is cultured. It was fun, interactive, he is very personable, pleasant punctual . Loved that he was able to engage the crowd and interactively conversed in Potuguese. The overall experience was wonderful. Matias transformed my living room into a stage He engaged my friends family, children and included myself and husband in the show. After the show he didn't just pack up and leave he accepted my invitation to have some food and converse with my guests and continued to amaze the teens with his awesome card tricks. Obrigado Matias"

- Michelle Ferreira-Piedade
Close-Up Show in Stratford, CT

Paige Gordon, Five Star Review "Great entertainer! Wonderful and amazing. Had him out for a baby shower and Matias didn't disappoint. My friends were still talking about the trick with the disappearing sponge three days later. I highly recommend."

- Paige Gordon
Close-Up Show in Somerville, MA

Patrick Farenga, Five Star Review "Magician Matias is a wildly entertaining performer! Magician Matias has clever tricks, great energy, and a warm, inviting presence. You can't go wrong hiring him for you next event."

- Patrick Farenga
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Ryan Holohan, Five Star Review "Thank you again for your performance! We had a great time with you."

- Ryan Holohan
Close-Up Show in East Boston, MA

Sean Roberts, Five Star Review "Absolutely terrific performance! Matias was absolutely terrific with our group. He was professional and his performance quite impressive. Everyone was extremely pleased with having him be a key part of our evening."

- Sean Roberts
Close-Up Show in Allston, MA

Tiffany Seda, Five Star Review "We saw Matias perform magic at a birthday party and it was so much fun! His show is impressive and full of surprises!"

- Tiffany Seda
Close-Up Show in East Islip, NY

Toree Ho, Five Star Review "Matias gave our senior center a wonderfully entertaining show. His show was funny and engaging. He captivated the seniors and engaged them in the performance even though they and he did not speak the same language. We are looking forward to having him back to perform."

- Toree Ho
Director - Sarahcare Adult Day Care S.,
Senior Center in Dorchester, MA

Debbie O'Carroll , Five Star Review "Dear Matias, Thank you so much for lecturing at IBM Ring 122 on Tuesday. I immediately went home and practiced the moves that you taught us. Your powerpoint notes and clever use of rubber bands to divide the deck made the false cuts really easy to learn. My "Sam the Bellhop" routine is greatly improved by using your advice. As a Board Member, I wholeheartedly recommed your workshop to other magic clubs! Many thanks"

- Debbie O'Carroll
Secretary - IBM Ring 122,
Workshop in Boston, MA

Josh Mulready, Five Star Review "Matias meet with my son for a one on one magic lesson. My son was bit nervous at first and was not sure what to expect during the lesson. Afterwards he was so excited to learn a magic trick and kept practicing it all day. Matias made my son feel comfortable and he tailored the lesson to meet the needs of my son (he has dyslexia and benefits from small, multistep instruction). We cannot wait to work with Matias again in a few weeks."

- Josh Mulready
Magic Lesson in Framingham, MA

Brandi Williams, Five Star Review "Thank you so much for your terrific show on Saturday!"

- Brandi Williams
Vice President - LA Fitness District,
Stage Show in Trumbull, CT

Chaya Raskin, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was very pleasant to work with, the crowd enjoyed him. He wasn't looking at the clock the whole time, he was there in full for our party. "

- Chaya Raskin
Director - Chabad,
Stage Show in Brattleboro, VT

Corey W., Five Star Review "Excellent performer! Matias' magic was fresh and impressive. His tongue-in-cheek humor throughout his performance made his act more accessible and fun for all. I would definitely recommend him for your event!"

- Corey W.
Cambridge Innovation Center,
Close-Up Show in Cambridge, MA

Courtney Looney, Five Star Review "Great show! Everyone really loved it!"

- Courtney Looney
President - Alpha Chi Omega,
Close-Up Show in Austin, TX

Ellen Brazil, Five Star Review "Matias, Thank you for such a wonderful time. Prattville employees are still saying how much fun it was. You really added so much to the magic of Christmas. Blessings upon blessings for your time and effort. "

- Ellen Brazil
Event Coordinator - Prattville Machine & Tool,
Stage Show in Lynnfield, MA

Ellen Murphy, Five Star Review "Matias, thank you for helping us entertain our clients. Everybody enjoyed your show. Thank you for a great night!"

- Ellen Murphy
Marketing & Communications - Accenture LLP,
Close-Up Show in Framingham, MA

Eric Noeth, Five Star Review "Absolutely terrific experience Matias did an excellent job entertaining our group. Everyone was thoroughly impressed by his performance and professionalism. It was a fun show and a great change of pace for us! "

- Eric Noeth
Harvard Business School,
Close-Up Show in Cambridge, MA

Ginny Wheeler, Five Star Review "Matias was funny, entertaining and very appropriate for our corporate meeting. He surprised us with his talent! All the employees loved his show!!"

- Ginny Wheeler
Provider Relations Coordinator - Tallman Eye Associates,
Stage Show in North Andover, MA

Heather Brennan, Five Star Review "Matias entertained us at a work party on Friday. He was fantastic! He's been the topic of conversation at work today. Our colleagues who didn't go to the party missed a great time. I would recommend him for your next gathering large or small!"

- Heather Brennan
Clinical Coordinator - Hasbro Children Hospital,
Close-Up Show in Providence, RI

Hernan Fontaine, Five Star Review "It was a fantastic show!"

- Hernan Fontaine
President - Fontaine&CIA,
Stage Show in Santiago, Chile

Jackie P. Foulks, Five Star Review "Customers and clients really gave great feedback on Matias. He was engaging, funny, and gave wow moments to his audience. Will highly recommend him for corporate events and will use him in any of my upcoming future corporate events. Good job Matias!"

- Jackie P. Foulks
Senior Meeting Manager - American Express,
Client's Appreciation in Charlotte, NC

Jen Kramer, Five Star Review "Matias is amazing! Magical, engaging, and a true professional. Whenever he performs, his passion, dedication and sense of humor shine through. He not only leaves kids and adults amazed through his performances (I?ve witnessed it again and again!), but he has also taken the time to mentor less experienced magicians through the Yale Magic Society... just one example of the kind, giving attitude that characterizes Matias Letelier! His magic is family friendly, full of comedy, and excellent overall ? I would recommend Matias 100% for your next event!"

- Jen Kramer
President of Yale Magic Society - Yale University,
Close-Up Show in New Haven, CT

Jennylee Ramos, Five Star Review "Matias arrived on time, was extremely flexible and easily adapted to environment and mixed group of college students. Magic tricks were very mind baffling, Matias had the crowd of students in shock. Very great experience! Definitely recommend."

- Jennylee Ramos
Student Council - Temple University,
Close-Up Show in Philadelphia, PA

Jerilyn Goldberg, Five Star Review "Fun! Thank you so much!"

- Jerilyn Goldberg
Event Coordinator - Moderna Therapeutics,
Stage Show in Cambridge, MA

Joseph Titus, Five Star Review "The show is entertaining and full of laughs. In fact booked three shows already!"

- Joseph Titus
Director - Fellowship Place, inc,
Stage Show in New Haven, CT

Josh Sandler, Five Star Review "Matias was very professional and IMPRESSIVE! His show blew many people away and he had quite a following- he really had the crowd going! The event was hosted by Harvard graduate students and a few of our classmates brought kids to the party. All ages remained very impressed with the performance and we look forward to working with Matias again in the future."

- Josh Sandler
Harvard Business School,
Close-Up Show in Cambridge, MA

Joslin Gren, Five Star Review "Your performance at our Holiday Party was amazing! Everyone that attended had wonderful feedback and felt the magic performed was a great presentation. We had a really good time!"

- Joslin Gren
Manager - Grafton Street Restaurant,
Close-Up Show in Cambridge, MA

Katelyn Andrews, Five Star Review "Matias was great! Very personable and was able to think "outside of the box" by putting balloon characters at the entrance of our building to attract people inside. Would definitely recommend! "

- Katelyn Andrews
Marketing Coordinator - Webster First Federal Credit Union,
Trade Show in Hopkinton, MA

Katherine Tapia D, Five Star Review "Excellent. Dynamics were appropriate for our group. We achieved the main objective of integration and participation. Everyone expressed it was a good show. Congratulations"

- Katherine Tapia D
Manager - Condor Bus Ltda,
Employee's Appreciation in Santiago, Chile

Ketih Zallinger, Five Star Review "Can say enough great things about Matias! Matias is beyond talented as a magician, but that's only part of the experience. He's a class act (and I've seen many acts in various venues over the years), a pleasure to deal with, and people like him as soon as he walks into the room. To me, that's money well spent. Thank you, Matias!"

- Ketih Zallinger
Reader Of Minds,
Close-Up Show in Shelton, CT

Kevin Hynes, Five Star Review "We LOVED him!"

- Kevin Hynes
President & CEO - Koso America, Inc.,
Stage Show in Taunton, MA

Lilian Caperila, Five Star Review "We all enjoyed your marvelous talents and the productive efforts in helping us sell our great products. You are so much fun and I wish you could be here every day at the office so we can enjoy magic all the time. Thanks again for everything! It was a pleasure to work with you, meet you and enjoy your talents."

- Lilian Caperila
Manager - Premier USA,
Trade Show in Boston, MA

Lisa Carter, Five Star Review "He was great, professional and a pleasure to be around. Thanks "

- Lisa Carter
Director of HR - Flexion Therapeutics, Inc.,
Close-Up Show in Boston, MA

Lisa Costanzo, Five Star Review "Matias was wonderful. Unfortunately our crowd started to clear out before he arrived (bad timing on our end- timing got messed up because of the Mayor's schedule) so some missed it- but those who did experience his magic were excited and engaged. it was a perfect addition to our event. "

- Lisa Costanzo
Director of HR - Boston Public Health Commission,
Close-Up Show in Boston, MA

Lori Koch, Five Star Review "Matias was amazing! His ability to integrate his tricks with our offering was very important to us. He brought people into the booth so our sales reps could talk to them about our products. We even had competitors trying to hire him away from us! Hire him for Trade Shows, Hire him for Corporate Events...Just HIRE HIM!"

- Lori Koch
Marketing Coordinator - NWN IT,
Trade Show in Atlantic City, NJ

Maria Jose Salgo, Five Star Review "Matias, I wanted to thank you for the show on Friday, it was very good and people were extremely impressed with the tricks. Any other event that requires magic we won't hesitate to contact you and also recommend you."

- Maria Jose Salgo
CEO - Factoring Mercantil S.A.,
Stage Show in Santiago, Chile

Marko Duffy, Five Star Review "Thank you, Matias! Looks like everyone enjoyed you very much! I did get a lot of good responses from everyone! Thank you! We will definitely work with you again for future events!"

- Marko Duffy
President - Marathon Sales,
Close-Up Show in Boston, MA

Marko Duffy, Five Star Review "What do you get when you fill a room with highly technical people there to learn and be introduced to the latest developments and industry innovation and add Magician Matias? You get of course Magic! I hired Matias for a 2nd time to entertain at our Annual Conference and his brand of strolling magic entertained attendees in small groups and virtually everybody saw a small bit of his talent. The "Grand Finale" was audience participation and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The volunteers were wary at 1st but warmed up quickly and became a big part of the show. I would highly recommend hiring Magician Matias for any event, corporate or otherwise."

- Marko Duffy
President - Marathon Sales,
Trade Show in Marlborough, MA

Meghan Cox, Five Star Review "Thank you again for coming out for the Lead Awareness Picnic last month! You were a great success and everybody loved your show!"

- Meghan Cox
Stage Show in West Haven, CT

Melissa Hurley, Five Star Review "Matias, thank you for a great show. I really enjoyed watching and hearing everybody laugh. It was very fun! Thank you so much for a great night!"

- Melissa Hurley
Marketing Manager - Dr. Sam A. Dental Office,
Stage Show in Worcester, MA

Nancy Meyers, Five Star Review "Very engaging with the audience."

- Nancy Meyers
Marketing Manager - Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson,
Stage Show in Raritan, NJ

Pat Pereira, Five Star Review "It was our pleasure to have you! Thank you again for such a great time and I wish you the very best on your continued performances!!"

- Pat Pereira
Event Coordinator - ,
Stage Show in Cranston, RI

Patricia Mora, Five Star Review "I liked the show and yesterday we went out for a drink and everybody talked about your magic and were surprised trying to discover some of the magic tricks that amazed us, especially the photo trick"

- Patricia Mora
General Manager Assistant - Enable S.A.,
Close-Up Show in Santiago, Chile

Ron Fishman, Five Star Review "Chelsea Square Apartments celebrates every year with a summer BBQ. We brought Magicial Matias back for a second time. The residents are mostly Latino. Old and young alike marvel at his magic. He is able to approach the most distant and bring them in. His mix of English and Spanish seals the deal! Highly recommended!"

- Ron Fishman
Trinity Management LLC,
Close-Up Show in Boston, MA

Sayed Najem, Five Star Review "Matias, was a gift for my party. Wow, I was so happy. T. Y. My review is that every Party organizer, or party holder should totally get hold of Matias to bring him to their event. It was my honor to have him at mine. Thank You Matias, God bless"

- Sayed Najem
CEO -,
Close-Up Show in Cranston, RI

Shauna Barbosa, Five Star Review "Thank you too!! Your performance was awesome!!"

- Shauna Barbosa
Harvard Medical School,
Corporate Show in Boston, MA

Tara Gumprecht, Five Star Review "Fun and worked the crowd well."

- Tara Gumprecht
Marketing Coordinator - Precision Computer Services,
Close-Up Show in Shelton, CT

Tony Polito, Five Star Review "They really liked you a lot and we will definitely be using you again."

- Tony Polito
Director - General Electric USA,
Close-Up Show in New York City, NY

Val Szondy, Five Star Review "He was great. This was a close up magic show and he mingled well with the crowd. Everyone has called asking for his card as they want him for their parties. He arrived early and stayed a little longer. I would highly recommend him."

- Val Szondy
Real State - REMAX,
Close-Up Show in Shelton, CT

Aaron Fertig, Five Star Review "Matias is the consummate professional making certain that all are entertained. A fun show for all ages."

- Aaron Fertig
Marketing Director - Riverdale Heights,
Holiday Party in Riverdale, NY

Alex Kogan, Five Star Review "Great performance! Kids had a blast and couldn't stop talking about the show for days. Good job Matias."

- Alex Kogan
Birthday party in Newton, MA

Alison Lee, Five Star Review "Matias' show was fun, and magical for both the kids and grown-ups. He interacted with the group of 4-yr old boys at my son's birthday party without a skip to his step, and he kept the 4 yr olds on their toes throughout the show. It was just the right amount of time to entertain everyone, and each magic trick was even more amazing. Fun for both children and adults - I highly recommend Matias and would even enjoy having him back to perform next year - hopefully he has new tricks!"

- Alison Lee
Bunny Balloon show in Arlington, MA

Alissa Tizzano, Five Star Review "Matias was great! All the kids had a fun time. He kept them all engaged throughout his performance. They got to participate and feel part of the show! I would definitely recommend him and use him again."

- Alissa Tizzano
Birthday party in Boston, MA

Ana Keohane, Five Star Review "It was an amazing show. Everybody loved it. Magician Matias made everybody laugh and made my daughter felt very special in her First Communion. I will recommend him for any kind of event. Thanks Magician Matias!!!!"

- Ana Keohane
First Communion in Newton, MA

Ana Lopez-Parra, Five Star Review "Amazing!, the best magician ever! Matias is a very profesional magician, adults and children had a very fun time. The show was amazing. Thanks so much"

- Ana Lopez-Parra
Birthday party in Newton, MA

Andrea Lemos, Five Star Review "Magician Matias is amazing! We had him for our sons birthday party. He entertained kids and adults, his show was a great success everybody had a great time. His show has great magic tricks, but you will have lots of fun too. He knows how to entertain the audience. We really wanted something different for my party, and he exceed completely our expectations. He is fantastic for kids and adults!"

- Andrea Lemos
Birthday party in Leominster, MA

Angelica Presti, Five Star Review "Matias was so easy to deal with. Very accommodating and flexible. I had my son's party at BB Kidz Klub in Westford. The place had a lot of inflatables, so they was a lot of noise from the air blow machines. It was a little difficult to hear him, but I cannot blame him for us. Just keep that in mind when you book a kid's playground area. Overall, I would recommend his services to anyone looking to have a happy/magical time with their little ones. Matias made my son and his little guests feel very special by interacting with them! And he made an amazing octopus from balloons. The kids and the adults loved him!"

- Angelica Presti
Birthday party in Westford, MA

Angelique Nash, Five Star Review "Matias was awesome! Extremely professional, kind, talented and an overall great guy. The set up was awesome as well, I had no idea that there would be a stage type set up with a curtain, he really goes above and beyond what we expected. The kids loved him and most importantly my son had a blast. He stayed longer to make balloons for the kids, never rushed and never complained. I would highly recommend him, and i will definitely use him again. "

- Angelique Nash
Birthday party in New York, NY

Ashok Vairavan, Five Star Review "Matias did a wonderful job in my son's birthday party. Kids enjoyed the show very much and parents appreciated us for arranging such a wonderful show. I have never seen such a great admiration after a magic show. I would highly recommend Matias. Best wishes and Keep Rocking!!"

- Ashok Vairavan
Birthday party in Nashua, NH

Assunta de Rienzo, Five Star Review "All my guests (kids and adults) loved the show. My daughter said that her first communion celebration was amazing! Time flew, and the kids wanted more!"

- Assunta de Rienzo
First Communion in Brookline, MA

Marissa Sperling, Five Star Review "Matias Letelier performed for my town's annual Halloween party. He performed tricks for children aged (approximately) 3-10 years old. He was wonderful with the children mixing humor and magic. His magic amazed the children and the parents as well. I would definitely recommend him!"

- Marissa Sperling
Board Member - Verona Junior Womens Club,
Holiday Party in Verona, NJ

Danielle Chevalier, Five Star Review "Super friendly and super talented. We had so much fun seeing him perform at BooFest! My kids were completely mesmorized. They LOVED him!"

- Danielle Chevalier
Board Member - Verona Junior Womens Club,
Holiday Party in Verona, NJ

Corisa Walker, Five Star Review "The Junior Women's Club of Verona hosted Matias for a Halloween event in Verona. He was amazing! He engaged the children, which varied widely in age, as well as the adults. Matias was fun, professional, and a great addition to the event. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any function. I think the adults were even more impressed than the kids! He went around the entire event and his tricks were so captivating that they would draw a crowd. Matias is a true professional and added a very special element to our event."

- Corisa Walker
Board Member - Verona Junior Womens Club,
Holiday Party in Verona, NJ

Benjamin Reynolds, Five Star Review "A pleasure to work with! I was hired to provide ambient circus entertainment at a corporate event, and the request was made to find a magician/balloon-twister. I found Matias, and he was never anything less than professional, talented, patient with the kids (of which there were 50+), and a pleasure to work with. I could not recommend him more, as both a colleague and fellow entertainer!"

- Benjamin Reynolds
Fire & Circus,
Holiday Party in Watertown, MA

Binita Patel, Five Star Review "Great Job! Magician Matias was absolutely wonderful. He was very easy to work with and really kept the kids entertained at my daughter's 5th birthday party. His performance was funny, engaging and he made to sure keep all the kids involved. Everyone was talking about his magical performance for many days after the party."

- Binita Patel
Birthday party in Framingham, MA

Carolyn Lafauci, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was great, very entertaining and funny! He kept all my guests from ages 2 to 70 interested and happy for an hour. Will definately use him again. Great accent and professional! His absolute hit was the levitation of my daughter!! Amazing!!"

- Carolyn Lafauci
First Communion in Bedford, MA

Carrie Devanney, Five Star Review "What a fantastic time we had with Matias! Everyone loved him! We even found him inspirational! He made our Halloween party quite memorable!"

- Carrie Devanney
General Manager - Warwick Country Club,
Holiday Party in Warwick, RI

Carrie Rose, Five Star Review "Great show! Matias was very good with all of the little kids. He made them laugh and they were amazed by his magic tricks!"

- Carrie Rose
Birthday party in Cambridge, MA

Catherine Columb, Five Star Review "Matias helped us celebrate our son's birthday. He was brilliant the kids and adults loved him."

- Catherine Columb
Birthday party in Reading, MA

Christine Cotelle, Five Star Review "AWESOME!!! Magician Matias entertains both young and old alike. He engaged the entire company into his show and kept everyone spellbound. He was pleasant and funny and a great time was had by all. We will definitely recommend him to our Customers and friends!"

- Christine Cotelle
Event Coordinator - Star Engineering Inc,
Holiday Party in North Attleboro, MA

Christine Liu, Five Star Review "We hired Magician Matias for my son's 7th birthday party at our home. Matias was great and easy to work with. He was prompted and polite in all of our email corresponding. It definitely gave you comfort when planning a party. He even contacted me on the day of the party to inform me that he is on his way. I must say none of the vendors I used in the past had done that. Which shows he cares about his clients very much. Both kids and adults enjoyed his show very much. The tricks were simple but entertaining. I think it is due to his ability on getting audience's attention and engagement. Many parents asked me how I found him. I would definitely recommend him and hire him for other parties in the future!"

- Christine Liu
Birthday party in , MA

Christopher Mitchell, Five Star Review "Great Job. Kids loved the show. He was very entertaining."

- Christopher Mitchell
General Manager - Framingham Country Club,
Holiday Party in Framingham, MA

Ciaran Nagle, Five Star Review "They loved you!"

- Ciaran Nagle
Director - Greenway Carousel Entertainment LLC,
Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Clare Folan, Five Star Review "Very Impressive!!! Everyone was entertained. He kept all the kids attention the whole time.He came half hour early to set up and was very professional. Absolutely worth every penny. Many parents at the party thought he was sensational!"

- Clare Folan
Birthday party in Weymouth, MA

Dana Costache, Five Star Review "Magician Matias is the most talented children's magician I have ever met. He is warm, funny, very empathic and children feel very comfortable in his presence. "

- Dana Costache
Birthday party in Forest Hills, NY

David Goodwin, Five Star Review "Great Experience! Matias was extremely good with all of the children aging in all different ranges. Very professional and enjoyable for everyone. I would highly recommend Magician Matias for any get together."

- David Goodwin
Director - North Shore YMCA,
Holiday Party in Beverly, MA

David Rosenberg, Five Star Review "I got great reviews. Everybody loved your show!"

- David Rosenberg
Newport Winter Festival Director - Newport Winter Festival,
Festival/Fair in Newport , RI

Deborah Wishner, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was a great partner in creating a fun, engaging, and memorable event for our Company. From the start he made it clear that the focus would be on our Company and not on himself and that he wanted to help make the evening a success. He definitely delivered. He was easy to work with, well-organized, creative in utilizing some items in his magic that had our Company's logo on them, followed through on his commitments to us, and, whether he was doing walk-around magic or the "parlor show" for us, he did amaze our employees, some of whom are still trying to figure out how he did what he did. I highly recommend him and would definitely hire him again."

- Deborah Wishner
Director of Human Resources - Firestone Financial,
Holiday Party in Newton, MA

Denise Dushas, Five Star Review "Matias was wonderful from the start. I had so many last minute scheduling conflicts and he was patient and gracious until I figured it out. My daughter and her friends loved him. It's not easy to entertain a big group of 5 year olds... And get them to sit for 45 minutes. But matias did it! His actual show was also a big hit with the adults. We were all amazed! Also... I highly recommend the levitation. That was an amazing way to end the party!!"

- Denise Dushas
Birthday party in Harrison, NY

Denissa Grace, Five Star Review "The show was booked for my son's 5th birthday party and although the main audience was for 5 and 6 year olds, we had children as old as 13 and parents/grandparents up to 67 years old. EVERYONE loved it. My son loved being his assistent magician and it was nice that Matias had many different children of all ages to be part of the show. He was funny and the magic was excellent. Matias was very professional, unobtrusive while setting up and taking down and interacted perfectly with our little guests! Prior to the show I was getting worried that maybe the little one's wouldn't sit still for and hour and a half... and how in the world would he keep them engaged for that long? Well, not one child or adult walked away from the show... he had them captivated the entire time. I would absolutely recommend Matias to anyone who is looking for great entertainment!"

- Denissa Grace
Birthday party in Litchfield, NH

Dennis Roy, Five Star Review "Excellent children's performer! Second year of hiring Matias for a community resource fair. Not only did he entice children and families in his magic act, but he did a great job pulling in our agency (nonprofit) and its mission into the event."

- Dennis Roy
Director - East Bay Community Action Program,
Festival/Fair in Tiverton, RI

Dennisse Rivera, Five Star Review "Matias came to our 10th annual blood drive and his station was the most popular one. Not only did he make some great balloon twisting but for some of our older kids he even showed them about some magic tricks. We love Matias and his invited to our next years 11th celebration. "

- Dennisse Rivera
HR - U.S. Residential Group LLC,
Holiday Party in East Hartford, CT

Diane Owens, Five Star Review "I saw your profile in the magician's directory and it seemed to match up with what I was looking for. When I went to your website it looked professional and I liked reading the recent reviews from your customers. You responded quickly to my inuiries both via phone and email, and when we spoke you were patient, thorough and personable. That's what I was looking for. I like how Matias was light-hearted, funny and fully engaged various people at the party from ages 4 to 50. His card tricks are AMAZING and the show even kept my very active 2 year so interested he barely moved! He engrossed the whole audience which included toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults from ages 30 - 75. He even was able to accomodate multiple langages! My son's 2nd bithdy party with 60 guests from ages 1 - 75 was a huge success! Matias was fun, engaging and his down-to-earth humor entertained all ages. He was great with the kids and kept the adults on their toes. I had several friends and relatives ask, "where did you find him?" I am sure we will see him again! Matias- Thank you so much for your talent, professionalism and friendliness. You were a huge hit at the party!"

- Diane Owens
1st Birthday Party in Southbury, CT

Donghai Wang, Five Star Review "Wonderful performance, Unforgettable experiences! Matias is a warm and professional magician, who can amazingly manage different field to give you a wonderful performance. He is so friendly to kids, everyone likes him. Kids claims that they want to become magicians when they grow up."

- Donghai Wang
Birthday party in Brookline, MA

Ed Clarke, Five Star Review "I thought you did a great job! The children were enthralled with your dialog and tricks. It was perfect for the party we had!"

- Ed Clarke
Older Kids Birthday Party Show in Framingham, MA

Eileen Mckenna, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was very responsive to all requests. He communicated with me frequently to ensure that the party would go as planned. Matias had a phenomenal connection to the children at the party, was very professional, respectful and polite. He made sure he got to my home early in order to set up and have the party start on time. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. "

- Eileen Mckenna
Birthday party in Long Island, NY

Elena Kelsaris, Five Star Review "Matias was very pleasant to speak to and was ultimately very accommodating and patient. Despite the challenges we encountered with the venue, Matias was patient through the entire process and even extended a call to the venue himself to assist me in expediting resolution. He followed through with a 'magical' performance for the kids (and adults). We all had a wonderful time."

- Elena Kelsaris
Birthday party in Chestnut Hill, MA

Elena McLoughlin, Five Star Review "We had Matias for my 1 year old's birthday party. This was my first time ever hiring any sort of entertainment, so I had no idea what to expect. But Matias exceeded any expectations! We had quite a few kids ages 3-10 and they LOVED him. They laughed and screamed. Adults thoroughly enjoyed Matias as well. He did a great job getting everyone involved - and the bunny just sealed the deal. :) We added balloon animals to our event and it was perfect to keep kids busy, while adults relaxed, and Matias' skills are unbelievable. He is funny, charming, respectful, on time, and really is an expert in what he does best - magic, entertainment and fun. I highly recommend him! You won't be disappointed!"

- Elena McLoughlin
1st Birthday Party in Boston, MA

Emily Vencat, Five Star Review "Matias' show was great! The kids absolutely loved his bunny trick and were talking about it for the rest of the day! Thanks, Matias!"

- Emily Vencat
Birthday party in Stamford, CT

Erin Loos, Five Star Review "Everyone had a ball! Excellent performance! Children and adults a like loved the show!!"

- Erin Loos
Birthday party in Pomfret Center, CT

Erinn King, Five Star Review "Best entertainment you can possibly get for a 5yr. old party! I was so pleased with the performance and entertainment provided by Matias. He is reliable, had great communication, was so great with all the kids (and parents!). The kids were in awe of all the tricks and were laughing so much of the time! I would hire him again and again!"

- Erinn King
Birthday party in Marblehead, MA

Eve Bould, Five Star Review "Matias is a fantastic performer! He made my son's 8 year old birthday party a memorable and entertaining event. He had the children and adults laughing and amazed. I would highly recommend him."

- Eve Bould
Birthday party in Waban, MA

Faith Mott, Five Star Review "I've heard from several employees that they really enjoyed the show. I loved the book on fire, the red light, the logo, the egg, the water, the levitation and the guillotine. I thought it was a nice gesture on your part to give the audience participants the cards. Music was good...the employees didn't want you to leave. Overall, I think you did a fantastic job...THANK YOU Again, Matias"

- Faith Mott
Director of Human Resources - ULTRA Electronics MSI,
Holiday Party in Wallingford, CT

Francesca Rosenberg, Five Star Review "I watched Matias's videos of his performances with kids and felt immediately that he had a great sense of how to interact with and delight children. I highly recommend Magician Matias for your next event. Before my son's party, Matias and I spoke on the phone and he was a great listener. It was evident that he wanted the party guests, and especially the birthday boy, to enjoy the show. When he arrived, Matias transformed our living room within minutes into a professional performance space complete with a glorious velvet curtain for a backdrop. Matias entertained everyone, big and small, with his charming personality and remarkable magic tricks. The show was interactive, engaging, and fun. No one wanted it to end!"

- Francesca Rosenberg
Magic Show in Rhinebeck, NY

Fumi Akimaru, Five Star Review "Great entertainment for the Company Christmas Party! Magician Matias entertained both kids and adults at our company holiday party. Kids loved him and even adults had a great time! Very professional and really knows how to engage with the audience. Thank you Magician Matias!"

- Fumi Akimaru
Marketing Manager - NETZSCH,
Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Gail LaRocca, Five Star Review "Matias delighted young and old. Matias arrived promptly, setup with ease and accurately assessed the type of audience for the evening. At this family style cookout, Matias bridged the generations by astounding youngsters with tricks and balloon art and engaging the adults with clever magic tricks accompanied by friendly conversation. Reviews from all attending were superb!"

- Gail LaRocca
Director - Winchester Sons of Italy,
Holiday Party in Winchester, MA

Georgia Weldon, Five Star Review "I researches the reviews, they were great. I liked his interaction with the children. My family, friends and daughter enjoyed it thoroughly, overall a great show!!"

- Georgia Weldon
Birthday party in Plainville, CT

Gina Skillings, Five Star Review "Amazing! He was wonderful and the children had a great time...I would definitely hire Matias again!"

- Gina Skillings
Birthday party in Wakefield, MA

Gina Storozuk, Five Star Review "Once I saw his website I knew there was no reason to look any further! Very experienced, very professional Loved it! Will use you again for my daughter in a few years!"

- Gina Storozuk
Birthday party in Stafford, CT


- Gorica Mladen-Adduci
Christening Celebration in Manchester, CT

Grace Lee, Five Star Review "Thank you, Matia!!! We had a great time last Friday. All the kids loved your show."

- Grace Lee
Birthday party in Newton, MA

Gracie Dorneus, Five Star Review "Matias was awesome! He entertained everyone for my sons first birthday from 1 years old to 68 yrs old - I actually think the adults were more shocked than children and his finale was 'explosive'! Very fun, engaging and entertaining- best magician in Boston by far, I would definitely recommend!"

- Gracie Dorneus
1st Birthday Party in Cambridge, MA

Gregg Workman, Five Star Review "What a GREAT show! We hired Matias for our son's 6th Birthday party and boy what a show! My son and his friends had a GREAT time! His tricks and show had all the parents watching with great anticipation! What was great was that he had my son be Harry "Potter", dressed in black robe, hat and glasses and helped Matias perform a series of tricks. He also had the children in the audience participate in many of the tricks. He even incorporated a SKYLANDERS trick(my son's birthday theme was Skylanders) and it was Great! We would definately recommend Matias. He will give the kids an amazing show they will be talking about for days after. The Balloon twister was also a big hit, would recommend this too!"

- Gregg Workman
Birthday party in Methuen, MA

Harish Gopalan, Five Star Review "The magic show by Mr.Letelier was the highlight of our kids birthday party. All the kids n parents enjoyed the show completely. It was pure fun. Thank you."

- Harish Gopalan
Birthday party in Burlington, MA

Heather Clark, Five Star Review "Matias the Magician was EXCELLENT! He came to our house for my son's 7th birthday party. Matias had the children so engaged and got them involved in the actual show. What a treat! You can tell he loves what he does and is incredibly accomodating. I would recommend Matias to anyone for a party (kid OR adult) or gathering for entertainment. Again, I cannot say enough about what a wonderful show Matias provides. We were truly amazed."

- Heather Clark
Birthday party in Merrimack, NH

Heather Jones, Five Star Review "Through much searching and comparing to others, his reviews were great and I liked that he caters to children's party and can entertain a variety of age groups at the same time. What I like most about Magician Matias was that He was able to keep young children engaged throughout, good energy and who doesn't love a rabbit! He is great! would definitely recommend Matias to others"

- Heather Jones
Birthday party in Simsbury, CT

Jaclyn Kryzak, Five Star Review "Matias did a magic birthday party for our 8 year old son and his friends which included fire, levitation, great comedy and some pretty cool tricks. The kids loved him and so did the parents. He seamlessly entertained and amused everyone from the age of 3 years to 50. I would highly recommend Matias. My only complaint was that I didn't select enough of his programs! Money well spent--he was worth every dime!"

- Jaclyn Kryzak
Birthday party in Somerville, MA

Jade James, Five Star Review "Matias was the perfect magician for our party- he was very interactive with the children and related well to them! I would highly recommend him to others and plan on using him in the future!"

- Jade James
Birthday party in Greenwich, CT

Janet Nazario, Five Star Review "On march 17 we celebrated my daughter Deztieny Sky 2nd b day, Matias entertain all the children by doing some wonderful balloon twisting at the request of all the kids, it was awesome my baby enjoy each creation he did. I would recommend Matias to all my friends and family.Matias u are very charming guy my aunt is still trying to figure out how u took off her watch from her hands... GOOD JOB!!!!!!"

- Janet Nazario
Bunny Balloon show in Roslindale, MA

Jay Lewis, Five Star Review "Fantastic Addition To My Son's Party! Matias was the perfect addition to my son's 8th birthday party. He thoroughly entertained a group of 15 rambunctious kids, kept their attention and amazed them with his performance. He was also extremely well organized and easy to work with."

- Jay Lewis
Magic Show in Peabody, MA

Jed Lippard, Five Star Review "Brilliant Presence, Energy, and Talent! Matias performed at the birthday party of my twin 5 year-old boys and 15-20 of their pre-school friends. The kids were mesmerized for the entirety of the 45-minute show. He was engaging, inclusive, funny, and creative. A wonderful experience all around!"

- Jed Lippard
Birthday party in Somerville, MA

Jeesoo Henriques, Five Star Review "Talented, charming, and funny. The children enjoyed Matias's show but I was just as thrilled that the adults found him to be just as entertaining. I highly recommend Matias without any reservations! "

- Jeesoo Henriques
Birthday party in Amherst, NH

Jennifer Castillo, Five Star Review "Thank you Matias for being a true professional in helping us arrange our event. You were so helpful and very responsive to our many questions about hiring a magician for the first time! All of the kids loved the show, and we have the best photo of our daughter laughing that makes us smile every time we see it! That is magic in itself!"

- Jennifer Castillo
Birthday party in East Hampton, NY

Jennifer Jilani, Five Star Review "Awesome Show! Matias was incrediable!! what a memorable 4th birthday party we had, he kept the kids and adults on their toes! highly recommended. Very accomidating. Awesome with kids and adults as well"

- Jennifer Jilani
Birthday party in Dighton, MA

Jennifer Tensen, Five Star Review "Matias put on a show for my 6 years old's birthday party and it was wonderful! I was very impressed with the interest and control he had with the 20 kids in my living room :) He helped me create a specific show within my budget constraints for this party and it was much appreciated and well worth the money. A few of the kids asked Matias to create some animals he had never made before and instead of asking them to choose something else, he figured out how to make them! They were all astounding! He had a very positive attitude and i will certainly work with him again!"

- Jennifer Tensen
Birthday party in Beverly, MA

Joanie Alfano, Five Star Review "Matias arrived on time, set up an amazing display, grabbed the attention of all the children AND the adults. Matias performed an excellent show geared to kids, but with enough humor to tickle the adults in the crowd"

- Joanie Alfano
Event Coordinator - Murphy & King,
Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Joanie L. Alfano, Five Star Review "Our second event with Matias. He was magical and amazing. He was able to entertain adults and keep the crowd happy. We are delighted with our new magician. Thanks again."

- Joanie L. Alfano
Marketing Manager - Murphy & King, PC.,
Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Joanne Gerrish, Five Star Review "Matias was perfect for my son's 5th birthday party. He understands children very well. He is very energetic and not only performs great magic tricks but also makes the children laugh. It was a great show and a wonderful memory."

- Joanne Gerrish
Birthday party in Pawling, NY

Joanne Palmer, Five Star Review "So far lightning fast on his responses to my inquiries and agreeable to working within my budget. He also took the time to find out about my child's likes and preferences. My six year old is so excited for his balloon work at her party on Friday!"

- Joanne Palmer
Birthday party in White Plains, NY

John Maclennan, Five Star Review "Spectacular - A great show for adults and children alike. Mathias communicated clearly the arrangements for the party. His show was really good and kept 20 or so 5 year old and many of the parents entranced for 45 minutes. He did a great job with the balloons. He connected with the children and I believe that one parent will book him for their son's party. I thoroughly recommend him."

- John Maclennan
Birthday party in Arlington, MA

Jonathan Pierce, Five Star Review "Matias performed a one hour show for my son's 6th birthday party, it was totally worth it (and excellent value for the cost). he kept 10 kids at rapt attention for an hour, involving them all (the birthday boy especially) in the magic. his disposition is both energetic and sweet - he's great with kids, his performance was perfectly age-appropriate. included is a book of magic for the birthday child - my son has used it (and talked about the show) for many days afterward. an easy way to throw an unforgettable party!"

- Jonathan Pierce
Birthday party in Sharon, MA

Julie Matarese, Five Star Review "I think you did an awesome job at my girls party. I know you work with kids all the time but I was really impressed that you could figure out my (10 yr old) daughter who has special needs and know what part of your show she would do best in. Keeping it at her level. While making sure to keep her 7 yr sister just as involved. I want you to know we did a picture book on my daughter iPad to take to school so she could tell all about your show. On some of the pages she would not let my recorded voice talk she had to tell them herself and was alway excited to do so. - so thank you. However, her favorite part to talk about was when the wands kept coming and she even remembered your bunny Neptune name - she loved it when he peed in everyone. (She would tell everyone she meet whether or not she knew them what Neptune did - I alway had a lot of explaining to do, once people understood the whole story they would laugh with her) I want you to know you gave an awesome memory not only to my girls but to me. One of my favorite picture from their party is Emily dresses as your helper laughing with a wand that won't work and Megan as Harry potter. "

- Julie Matarese
Birthday party in Cambridge, MA

Julie Tedesco, Five Star Review "He is very professional and I enjoyed reading about him on his website. I liked Everything- I enjoyed watching him with the kids. I rated him a 5 the highest. He is phenomenal and I will definitely book him again. Thank you Matias"

- Julie Tedesco
Birthday party in Farmington, CT

Karen Otterburn, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was perfect for my daughter's 4th birthday party! He involved her in the magic tricks and was great with all of the kids. Everyone had a wonderful time! "

- Karen Otterburn
Birthday party in New York City, NY

Karen S., Five Star Review "We have seen lots of magicians but Matias was definitely the best magician we have had! Thank you Matias for a wonderful performance! You are still the talking of the party! Totally recommended. We look forward to having you with us again!"

- Karen S.
Birthday party in Greenwich, CT

Karen Serena, Five Star Review "Absolutely fantastic!! Both kids and adults had a blast! Would definitely recommend him!"

- Karen Serena
Birthday party in Stratford, CT

Karen Stemler, Five Star Review "He involved all the children (or tried to...some were very shy). His tricks were very the adults talking about well after the event! Excellent!! I would definitely recommend him and I would get him again!"

- Karen Stemler
Board Member - Greater New Haven Celiac Group,
Stage Show in New Haven, CT

Karen Stemler, Five Star Review "We are so glad we had Matias for our son's 4th birthday party! Matias was excellent - amazing magic tricks and very entertaining for the kids and the parents! I had kids at his performance from ages 2-10 and they all enjoyed it! Lots of laughs and screams!! I keep getting so many positive comments! Thank you Matias!"

- Karen Stemler
Birthday party in Guilford, CT

Karine Hils, Five Star Review "15 8 years old and Matias did a great job! Not so easy to managed. All the parents have been emailing me to say their kids came home doing magic!"

- Karine Hils
Birthday party in Ridgefield, CT

Kasia Chojnicki , Five Star Review "Kids were amazed! Magician Matias was our entertainment for our son's First Communion. He did excellent job! Kids loved it! He has amazing communication skills with kids and he made our son's important day very special!"

- Kasia Chojnicki
First Communion in Thompson, CT

Katie Bullivant, Five Star Review "Fantastic! Couldn't have asked for more - arrived on time, very flexible and wowed children and adults alike. It was a last minute decision to hire him and it made our party. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again, but may find it difficult to book him because all our friends who were at the party plan to book him too!"

- Katie Bullivant
Birthday party in Brookline, MA

Katie Cooper, Five Star Review "He was great he entertained the children and the adults, I would use him again. "

- Katie Cooper
Bunny Balloon show in Danbury, CT

Kayleigh Murphy, Five Star Review "Great job! Kept the children involved and entertained throughout the show! Would definately reccomend."

- Kayleigh Murphy
Membership Director - New Haven Lawn Club,
Holiday Party in New Haven, CT

Kelly Hutchinson, Five Star Review "We had a "carnival" party for my son who is 3. We had a lot of games and prizes, and then we had the magic show. Magician Matias set up a really nice curtain and back drop, and put on a great show! Both children and adults loved it. It was very amusing, creative and amazing! The boys were thrilled with the real bunny that appeared, and we all had a lot of laughs. I especially liked that most of the children were asked to participate in a trick or two. They loved it. Magician Matias puts on a really great show and obviously enjoys what he does. He is great with children! Thank you for a great show! "

- Kelly Hutchinson
Bunny Balloon show in Long Island, NY

Kelly Laurence, Five Star Review "Thanks Matias, Colin and everyone else had a fabulous time! "

- Kelly Laurence
Birthday party in Milton, MA

Kilsarys Leguisamon, Five Star Review "I hired Matias for my son's 2 year old jungle party. Both children and adult guests at the party had a blast with the show and balloon twisting. The magic show was a success and Matias did an amazing job with th audience. After the party everyone talked about how fun and entertaining the show was. The children were participating and Matias did great with keeping the children interrested during the show. Matias was very professional, communicated extremely well throughout his entire stay, and even stayed and entoyed the party with my family and all of my guest. Thank you Matias for making our Jungle party a success! If you need a Magician hire Matias! Nice Guy!!! Matias was on time and really did a nice job with his presentation."

- Kilsarys Leguisamon
1st Birthday Party in Revere, MA

Kishore Khandavalli, Five Star Review "Matias was awesome. He confirmed the day before, showed up ahead of time to set up, he engaged the kids and adults alike. Everything I expected and more! He stayed much longer than he and I talked about as we had about 175 guests at the party. The best!"

- Kishore Khandavalli
Birthday party in Burlington, VT

Kris Cerchiara, Five Star Review "The kids and the adults really enjoyed the show. You engaged the children well and connected easily with them. The magic tricks were awesome."

- Kris Cerchiara
Director - Families with Children from China,
Stage Show in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Kristie Raymond, Five Star Review "Matias really had the kids captivated. He was funny and kind and got the audience involved. He was terrific."

- Kristie Raymond
The Hudson Eagles Club,
Holiday Party in Hudson, MA

Kristin Lewis, Five Star Review "After spearing with several magicians, I realized that Matias was the best fit for us. Amazing reviews (website) easy to talk to and extreamly accommodating. A pleasure! I loved His personality, interaction with the kids, patience, professionalism and the ability to keep over 25 kids smiling, laughing and in awe! The smile on my daughters face.. Her hysterically belly laugh during the entire show. It was MAGICAL for everyone to see. Cant thank you enough for coming and helping to make Ella's birthday party extra special! Ella and all the children had a wonderful time! You are still the talk about her school."

- Kristin Lewis
Birthday party in Fairfield, CT

Larysa Cox, Five Star Review "Matias was absolutely amazing!!!! He had everyone at the party laughing. He involves everyone, not just the birthday person. His magic tricks leave you wondering, how did he do that? I definitely recommend hiring Matias for your next party. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!!! Great job Matias! Thank you for making my daughters birthday unforgettable."

- Larysa Cox
Birthday party in Springfield, VT

Lauren Bates, Five Star Review "I enjoyed his ability to involve the audience in almost all his acts. The people at the event really seemed to enjoy watching their friends participate. Overall the experience was light hearted, fun, and enjoyable. Despite the limitations of the room size, I think he covered the area well and performed as many tricks as he could given the time with great efficiency and a friendly attitude."

- Lauren Bates
Marketing Dept. - Rogo Fastener Co., Inc.,
Holiday Party in Middletown, NY

Leslie Brisman, Five Star Review "I loved the whole experience---as did all the kids and the parents. The interaction with the kids when you WERE talking to them was wonderful!"

- Leslie Brisman
ENGL - Yale University,
Holiday Party in New Haven, CT

Lilian Flores, Five Star Review "I am very satisfied with Matias show for my son's birthday party. He turned my son into a magician to make his bunny snow flakes to appear.! All of the kids had a great time in the show, even us the adults enjoyed it. Matias is the magician to get if you are looking for a party entertainner."

- Lilian Flores
Birthday party in Everett, MA

Linda Hughes, Five Star Review "Our group really enjoyed Magician Matias. He was very entertaining and professional, and his tricks were amazing! He involved audience members, which added to the fun. I wouldn't hesistate ti recommend him to any group of all ages."

- Linda Hughes
Director - INSIGHT Youth Program,
Holiday Party in Warwick, RI

Lisa Coppeto, Five Star Review "Matias performed at my son's 7th birthday party. He was prompt, set-up his show very professionally and quickly. He was prepared and very funny!! He had the attention of all of the kids and parents for the entire time. All the children kept talking about Magician Metias for days after the party. He made everyone feel very special. I would hire him again !!"

- Lisa Coppeto
Birthday party in New York City, NY

Lisa Dulong, Five Star Review "Matias was excellent with the children- they loved him!!! I would definitely recommend him to my friend and family!"

- Lisa Dulong
Birthday party in Chelmsford, MA

Liz Pomeroy, Five Star Review "Thanks again for a fantastic show on Wednesday. Everyone had only great things to say about you and the performance! :)"

- Liz Pomeroy
Information Manager - Deloitte Consulting LLP,
Holiday Party in Providence, RI

Lyssa Paluay, Five Star Review "Matias was professional, entertaining and great with our six year old birthday party. The adults & kids had a blast! Thanks for making it a truly magical experience."

- Lyssa Paluay
Birthday party in Milton, MA

Malgorzata Pyne, Five Star Review "Matias is so taleted and original, also very friendly with kids - they loved him! "

- Malgorzata Pyne
Birthday party in Beverly, MA

Malgorzata Pyne (1st Show), Five Star Review "Matias show is outstanding. We had him over our house for my daughter 7th birthday and both kids and parents had a blast. We tried 3 different performers before and he definitely beats them all. Talented, funny and surprising. More then what we would expected."

- Malgorzata Pyne (1st Show)
Birthday party in Beverly, MA

Malgorzata Pyne (2nd Show), Five Star Review "Matias is so taleted and original, also very friendly with kids - they loved him! "

- Malgorzata Pyne (2nd Show)
Birthday party in Beverly, MA

Mamta Patel, Five Star Review "I looked at his website and other links which was very satisfying and looked very professional then other magician. Matias was very cooperative and interactive with the people. The show was so much fun for both kids and adults. Matias had very much control over crowd. I would recommend him for any occasion"

- Mamta Patel
Director - Nuport Art Academy,
Holiday Party in New London, CT

Manisha Mehta, Five Star Review "Matias was amazing. He engaged every person in the room from age 5 to 70. Matias is incredibly friendly and it was such a pleasure to meet him."

- Manisha Mehta
Birthday party in Newton, MA

Marcia Haigis, Five Star Review "Absolutely perfect for Kids birthday party. For the beginning to the end, Matias was professional and entertaining. We had a small group of kids packed into our house and Matias interacted with every one during the course of this show. Made our son, who was celebrating his 5th birthday, feel really special - he was doing magic tricks for the rest of the weekend. I would not hesitate a second to hire Matias again."

- Marcia Haigis
Birthday party in Winchester, MA

Maria Hodgdon, Five Star Review "Matias is a wonderful entertainer and Magician with a fabulous sense of humor, all while maintaining professionalism. The children absolutely had a blast, and the adults too!! Everyone was intrigued from beginning to end. I would highly recommend him for your next party."

- Maria Hodgdon
Birthday party in Wakefield, MA

Maria Morales, Five Star Review "Thank you for the great show!"

- Maria Morales
Birthday party in Holbrook, MA

Mary Anne Liggins, Five Star Review "It was great!"

- Mary Anne Liggins
Birthday party in Stratford, CT

Mary Paige, Five Star Review "I liked Your interactions with the children. Great experience. Parents and kids are still talking about it."

- Mary Paige
Birthday party in Katonah, NY

Matt Faucher, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was fantastic! This was our first time hiring any professional entertainment for an event at our house (this was our daughter's 7th birthday party). Matias communicated through the whole process. He was very flexible on the day of, starting a little earlier at our request. His show was phenomenal. The kids loved it and he was funny and kept their attention and amazed them throughout. Our daughter was the special helper and she was talking about it for days! Matias is highly recommended!"

- Matt Faucher
Birthday party in Chelmsford, MA

Matthew Draxler, Five Star Review "We had Matias perform at our recent corporate Holiday party and he was wonderful. He was truly a pleasure to work with both in the planning stages and at the event. All of our guests commented on what a great job he did and how much they enjoyed the show. We had Matias do an hour of strolling magic at the beginning of the party and a half hour show a little later in the night. Everything went perfectly! Truly a professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Matthew Draxler
Director - 4Cite Marketing, LLC,
Holiday Party in Albany, NY

Maya Mamo, Five Star Review "What a lovely experience!!! Matias was sensational. the children as well as the adults enjoyed his show. Matias was very punctual, professional, and a pleasure to work with. He made everything so easy. Thank you for making a party such a success."

- Maya Mamo
Birthday party in Tenafly, NJ

Meenakshi Garodia, Five Star Review "Great Experience with Matias! Matias had a show at my 6 year old's birthday party. He was early- friendly and the kids and grown ups all enjoyed the show. Highly recommend"

- Meenakshi Garodia
Birthday party in Brookline, MA

Meghan Martin, Five Star Review "We had Matias perform his Childrens Magic Show at our two sons 6th and 4th bday party this weekend. The kids (and parents) thought he was great! His tricks were excellent, kept the children engaged and he provided very cool balloons for them. His bunny neptune was a hit too! Matais was great to work with! He was very accomodating when it came to timing and logistics. He even helped me with the last minute decorating that needed to be done! I would absolutley reccomend him, many of the parents agreed that they would certainly use him in the future."

- Meghan Martin
Birthday party in Norwood, MA

Melinda guglietta, Five Star Review "Excellent! Great show! Entertained both the children and the adults that were at the party! Loved the bunny!"

- Melinda guglietta
Birthday party in Shrewsbury, MA

Melissa Velazquez, Five Star Review "Excellent service and great professionalism. The kids were all excited to see him and he kept them entertained the entire time. He called to inform that he was on the way, and let us know when he was stuck in traffic. His show was full of great humor that kept everyone laughing. My brother was thinking of booking him for his son's birthday as well. The only reason that would prevent me from booking in the future are the prices but the show was worth it."

- Melissa Velazquez
Birthday party in Abington, MA

Michael Paler, Five Star Review "Matias was the perfect addition to our child's birthday celebration. The party was for a bunch of three year olds, so we were a bit concerned that a magic show would be over their heads. Matias tailored things just right. The kids were engaged and thrilled. Thanks for a great show. Also, he arrived early, so that was cool too."

- Michael Paler
Bunny Balloon show in Cambridge, MA

Michelle Contreras, Five Star Review "Magician Matias came highly recommended. I enjoyed seeing my daughter and her lil guest enjoy the show. It was a great and unique experience. We enjoyed having a magical birhday party!"

- Michelle Contreras
Birthday party in Bridgeport, CT

Michelle Hoffmann, Five Star Review "Matias has a clear connection with children. My son and his friends were entranced with him. And he has such a gentle and accommodating manner that he put the parents (who were a bit stressed out with the scope of the party) at ease. His magic was fantastic and he set up and departed easily. We loved him "

- Michelle Hoffmann
Bunny Balloon show in Somerville, MA

Miriam Liberles, Five Star Review "Magician Matias is truly an entertainer. Not only is he a great magician, but he is funny too! All the children and even adults were smiling and enjoying his show at my son's 6th birthday party. We are SO happy that we booked him for the party!"

- Miriam Liberles
Birthday party in Wellesley, MA

Monica Carrillo, Five Star Review "the show was excellent!! the kids had a a great time, it was my daughter first communion and all the guests enjoyed it so much, kids and adults. the only thing was that he started the show 45 min later than agreed , and that made my party go later, but the wait was worth it, although I would have like the show to started on time"

- Monica Carrillo
First Communion in Newton, MA

Monica Sheehan, Five Star Review "Matias' show was a wonderful family experience. Bravo! "

- Monica Sheehan
Birthday party in New Milford, CT

Naga Sirisipalli, Five Star Review "Dear Matias, You put an amazing show for my kid's first birthday party. The show was interactive, lively and engaging with light music, humor, a live rabbit and lots of chances for participation. You did a fantastic job, everyone in the party liked your show and asked for your contact so that they may remind you for any events. I will definitely keep you in mind and recommend for my friends. Thanks!"

- Naga Sirisipalli
Birthday party in Danbury, CT

Nandita Suvarna, Five Star Review "He had good reviews. I liked his very very professional approach! Was very engaging , kids were mesmerized !"

- Nandita Suvarna
Director - GOPIO,
Holiday Party in Stamford, CT

Natalie Sheehan, Five Star Review "Magician Matias performed at my son's 11th birthday party at our house last weekend and all the kids (6-13 years old) thoroughly enjoyed the show! The adults did, too! Everyone laughed and was amazed. It was very easy to contact him and set up the party. Having the magic show made a home birthday party easy, memorable, and a ton of fun!"

- Natalie Sheehan
Birthday party in Chelsea, MA

Natasha Moradi Ouellette, Five Star Review "Perfect children's magician, excellent to work with! Matais is a wonderful entertainer and magician for all ages. Personally in planning a children's party he took care of the all the details so I didn't have to ask any questions or worry at the party, a true professional! Great response time and works to accommodate your schedule and party plans. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a magician who can relate to kids and keep their attention. Would definitely use him again! Thank you!"

- Natasha Moradi Ouellette
Birthday party in Beverly, MA

Nitin Pawar, Five Star Review "He was good at his job. Kids enjoyed a lot."

- Nitin Pawar
1st Birthday Party in Billerica, MA

Nyla Tresser, Five Star Review "Matias' website and organization stood out among the other magicians that I researched. Matias responded immediately to my inquiry and was willing to travel anywhere in CT, which many magicians would not. Magician Matias is very friendly and shows enthusiasm for his work. He is also prompt at responding to questions/concerns. HIs show was very professional. Overall we enjoyed the show and so did the children. We would recommend Magician Matias to friends."

- Nyla Tresser
Birthday party in Marlborough, CT

Olga Gebauer, Five Star Review "He is very pleasant, experienced. Returns emails and phone calls promptly. Good looking too. I liked that he is very professional and fun. The show was wonderful, everybody enjoyed the show, not just my 3 year old daughter and her little friends, but parents and grandparents. It was really great.Thank you so much!"

- Olga Gebauer
Birthday party in Clinton, CT

Olga Peregudov, Five Star Review "We are happy that we have chosen Matias! The show was fun, interesting and kids were so happy! Our 4 years old son and his friends were so exited after the show! We recommend it to everyone! You would't be disappointed!!! Thank you, Matias! You are REAL Magician =)))"

- Olga Peregudov
Birthday party in Arlington, MA

Ollie Ginn , Five Star Review "Matias, you were great. We had a wonderful time, Dylan is still talking about it."

- Ollie Ginn
Festival/Fair in Austin, TX

Oyvind Bergstrom, Five Star Review "Great show, great guy. Both the kids and the parents loved the show. "

- Oyvind Bergstrom
Birthday party in Newport, RI

Patty Ridgeway, Five Star Review "He was recommend to us because another magician could not make it and he was fabulous. I liked the bunny trick. The kids are still talking about it. Also, the kid participation. The show itself was Magical. He was excellent and will have him again. Even the parents were amazed. One parent said she had seen other magicians and said Matias was the best!"

- Patty Ridgeway
Birthday party in New Haven, CT

Peter Arsenault, Five Star Review "Matias did a great job entertaining an audience at our holiday party. Involved audience members, and worked hand in hand with us before the show to ensure an excellent performance. Very well done!"

- Peter Arsenault
Director - Under Cover,
Holiday Party in New Bedford, MA

Pilar Iglesias, Five Star Review "Matias' show was amazing!!! We strongly recommend it. Matias came for our 4-year old's birthday party and it was a hit. The kids (and parents) loved the magic tricks, the jokes and the balloons for everyone. Matias was also very professional - from payment to showing up on time - everything was properly planned and taken care of."

- Pilar Iglesias
Birthday party in Cambridge, MA

Preethi Chandramouli, Five Star Review "Matias is a very good entertainer. My son and all his friends thoroughly enjoyed Matias's magic show and we would very much enjoy having Matias over for another show!"

- Preethi Chandramouli
Birthday party in Chelmsford, MA

Preethi Joseph, Five Star Review "We had a wonderful time and our son was thrilled that he could do magic too. The show's success was attested by the fact that the audience wanted to have him at their next party"

- Preethi Joseph
1st Birthday Party in Hamden, CT

Promod Radhakrishnan, Five Star Review "Fabulous performance, a pleasure to work with, and very flexible. We would recommend Magician Matias without doubt! Kids at the birthday party loved his performance and even adults enjoyed it. I would say that his performance was the highlight of the party. "

- Promod Radhakrishnan
Birthday party in Braintree, MA

Rachel Jellinek, Five Star Review "Matias performed a show for my son's 9th birthday. He was easy to work with, full of smiles, and got along very well with the kids. He had them giggling a lot. One of the highlights of his visit was the magic tutorial that he gave the kids at the end of the show. My son and his friends were really eager to learn, and Matias provided tips on tricks that are easy to do, using paper, rubber bands and paper clips. I highly recommend him to others!"

- Rachel Jellinek
Older Kids Birthday Party Show in Framingham, MA

Randy Ann York, Five Star Review "The performance was enchanting and truly astonishing to both children and adults. The interaction between Matias and his audience was delightful to behold. The children remained captivated throughout the show and left wide-eyed with amazement. Highly recommended!"

- Randy Ann York
Director - Waterbury Cityhall,
Stage Show in Waterbury, CT

Ray Swanson, Five Star Review "We found Matais on line and took a chance beased upon the content of the website. We were not disappointed. He held the attention on the group including teh kids and the adults. Excellent.... I would recommend him for other events. Thanks for the great show!"

- Ray Swanson
Plainville Fire Dept,
Holiday Party in Plainville, CT

Reshma Katwa, Five Star Review "Matias was absolutely wonderful !! This was my son's 5th birthday party - Matias put up great show not only for kids but adults too . What I loved about Matias was his interaction with kids - very entertaining . I would highly recommend Matias was your next party or any type for kids parties too."

- Reshma Katwa
Birthday party in Chestnut Hill, MA

Rhonda Kaloutas, Five Star Review "I hardly know where to start! Matias was impressive, even to the adults at my son's 6th birthday party! He was friendly, kind to the children and inclusive of all of them whether they were chosen as a volunteer or not. He kept everyone engaged and was truly amazing. He even levitated my son, who watches the video over and over again in amazement! Having Matias as our entertainment really made the party. I'm so glad we did it."

- Rhonda Kaloutas
Birthday party in , MA

Rita Rufo, Five Star Review "Very easy to work with Matias; took control of the event, had all the guests engaged - he was great"

- Rita Rufo
Social Catering Manager - Doubletree Suites by Hilton Boston,
Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Ron Fishman, Five Star Review "We have had 5 magicians over the last 6 years (one twice) for a block party / BBQ. Some were very good, one not good and Magician Matias was the best. The group of about 70 people who attended were a mix of adults and youth, mostly Spanish speaking. Matias related to all, and was able to give a bilingual performance. He stayed more time than contracted to continue to entertain the youth who couldn't get enough. He was a pleasure to work with and is highly recommended. "

- Ron Fishman
Resident Social Service Coordinator - Trinity Management LLC,
Holiday Party in Chelsea, MA

Ronni Michel, Five Star Review "The children enjoyed you so much at Christmas and asked if you could return for our Easter Party!"

- Ronni Michel
Director - Somerset Club,
Holiday Party in Boston, MA

Rose Davids, Five Star Review "Truly the best show ever, exceeded our expectations! We had a party at our apartment community on Tuesday October 30th 2012. Magician Matias was AMAZING! Our party was a huge success because of his performance and interaction with everyone. Magician Matias had a stunning performance that still has all of our residents talking about the event. We are so happy that we found Magician Matias and would highly recommend him to host your party. I am looking forward to having another event soon, so that I can see him perform again."

- Rose Davids
Director - Union Place Apartments,
Holiday Party in Franklin, MA

Rose Davids, Five Star Review "Truly the best show ever, exceeded our expectations!"

- Rose Davids
Director - Berkshire - Union Place Apartments,
Holiday Party in Franklin, MA

Sahul Sharma #2, Five Star Review "We host a lot of events and birthday parties and have found Matias to be one of the best entertainers we have hired. This is the 4th time we have hired him for functions in our group and somehow he manages to reinvent himself and keep our guests engaged. He is easy to work with and he is passionate about magic. We would highly recommend him for any age group."

- Sahul Sharma #2
Birthday party in Stamford, CT

Saikat Ray, Five Star Review "Thank you so much for your wonderful show on our daughter's bithday party. She and all her friends thorougly enjoyed the magic show ! It was so professional and full of fun ! We are so happy that we had you performing on our daughter's birthday party and will be glad to recommend you to any of our friends."

- Saikat Ray
Birthday party in Stamford, CT

Samantha Boland, Five Star Review "Your personality, even though it was only through e-mail was fantastic. I could feel your enthusiasm and love for what you do. I liked how you engaged the children and adults. It was entertaining for everyone in attendance. It was fantastic! You were delightful. My son loved his birthday party and everyone had a great time. "

- Samantha Boland
Birthday party in Tolland, CT

Samira Abdelmegid, Five Star Review "I strongly suggest magician Matias. Magician Matias was able to bring laugh and joy to all the kids AT the party we all enjoyed his show."

- Samira Abdelmegid
Birthday party in Everett, MA

Sandra Jakomini, Five Star Review "Matias attended our National Night Out Event at Adrus Field in Yonkers, NY. The children were very happy with the balloons he made for them. Some used multiple balloons and the children were running around show them to everywhere there. We hope he reserves August 3 for the event next year."

- Sandra Jakomini
Director - Yonkers Police Department,
Holiday Party in Yonkers, NY

SandraSandra Baptiste B, Five Star Review "Matias was awesome he entertained the kids, bday girl and adults, i recommend him to everyone. You rock! Sandra"

- SandraSandra Baptiste B
Birthday party in Brooklyn, NY

Sandrine, Five Star Review "We hired Magician Matias for our 7 y.o. daughter B-Party for what is now a memorable moment. He kept the kids fully entertained, stirred plenty of laughs and involved each of them in one of his tricks. Matias is fun, professional and engaging. The rabbit was a big hit. Highly recommended. Kids were in total awe! Good laughs and Many surprises."

- Sandrine
Birthday party in Cambridge, MA

Sarita Nannapaneni, Five Star Review "It was very simple and clear to deal with the performer. He would understand my requirement and fullfilled with no hassle. I. Am very happy I choose him. "

- Sarita Nannapaneni
Birthday party in Lowell, MA

Seena Franklin, Five Star Review "Great ease in booking, he was willing to work with me around price given our nonprofit status. He was flexible. Good communication ahead of the event (it was booked a few months out). Matias did a great job connecting with the audience, working within the framework of our fair. Kids and adults seemed to really like his magic and his balloon art. Great choice!!!!"

- Seena Franklin
Director of Family Development - EBCAP,
Holiday Party in Tiverton, RI

Sharon Tavares, Five Star Review "My experience working with Matias Letelier was excellent. He did an amazing job entertaining my guests who were at my house for my son's 6th birthday party. The kids were amazed at the talent Matias provided and not only was he a great magician but also an excellent entertainer for the adults. I was extremely pleased with everything and plan to have Matias back for my older son's birthday and plan an adult magic show as well. Thank you for giving my son the best magical birthday he's ever had!!"

- Sharon Tavares
Birthday party in Methuen, MA

Sharyn Moss, Five Star Review "Matais performed at our City of Boston sponsored Community Resource BBQ in Roxbury, MA on 6/29. This was our first time working with him. He arrived on time, was very professional and friendly with the children and community members. He started off with a "strolling magic trick" show, walking through the crowd, engaging young and old in conversation and tricks. He ended his show with a finale. There were about 50 children sitting around him in the grass, hanging on his every word. He kept them engaged and focused on the show. I heard them cheer loudly when he mystified them with some slight of hand and then when he pulled the bunny out, they went wild. I recommend him highly. Thanks."

- Sharyn Moss
Director - Boston Public Health Department,
Holiday Party in Roxbury, MA

Shawna Frost, Five Star Review "Magician Matias entertained for my son's 6th birthday, and he did a fabulous job! The children were amused, mystified, and thoroughly entertained. I was impressed by his ability to generate so much energy and keep the children focused at the same time."

- Shawna Frost
Birthday party in Hopedale, MA

Shelley George, Five Star Review "Thank you Matias- we really enjoyed your show!"

- Shelley George
First Communion in Wellesley, MA

Shelly Jacobson, Five Star Review "He was great. The kids loved him as well as the parents. Would absolutely use him again as well as recommend him! "

- Shelly Jacobson
Director - YMCA Mansfield,
Holiday Party in Mansfield, MA

Sibila Gloggler, Five Star Review "Amazing!!! Matias has the ability to keep 36 3-5 year old kids entranced for 45 minutes. All the kids are still talking about how great the magician was. For our daughter the best part of her birthday party was Matias."

- Sibila Gloggler
Birthday party in Boston, MA

Sonal Seth, Five Star Review "Matias was highly recommended by friends who watched his performance at the GOPIO cultural event. I liked the fact that he was so thoughtful and diligent about every little thing- diversity of tricks, keeping everyone engaged, finale with a complimentary balloon gift (!!) and of handholding Anika through her part of an assistant. Plus he held himself to a very high standard and that was clear for everyone to see. All the kids were talking about it through this week and ofcourse the adults were happy for the kids' experience. Nitya, me and the kids were blown away! And Matias hardly needed any help with his excellent show which was perfect since we were busy entertaining. Anika talked about her experience all this week at school and now her friends in school want to be invited to Matias' show :))."

- Sonal Seth
Birthday party in Stamford, CT

Souad Eldayaa, Five Star Review "He's the best magician the kids loves him so did the adult I will sure invite him back to any other celebration I have"

- Souad Eldayaa
Birthday party in Walpole, MA

Sri Ch, Five Star Review "Great liked the show "

- Sri Ch
Birthday party in Quincy, MA

Stephanie Haley, Five Star Review "I took a chance and picked Magician Matias from the Internet without seeing or knowing about his performance. I am so thankful I did. He is the best! From booking the party to performing! Polite, courteous, and kid loving! All the children sat and watched Matias for the whole show! I don't want to give away any of the show events- but the parents were "wowed" just as much as the kids. Our son said that it was the best birthday ever! We were baffled at times by some of the tricks that we needed to be reminded to applaud! I have never seen 5 year old boys sit so still and be so attentive. Matias gave out balloon creations to each child- he would ask the children what they would like- he never said sorry I can't make that- when asked to make a turtle- a guest got a turtle (the first one he ever made and it was perfect!). Thank you for a magical day!"

- Stephanie Haley
Birthday party in Billerica, MA

Steve Jellinek, Five Star Review "Enthusiasm and connection! Matias is a great entertainer. His enthusiasm and love for his work comes through loud and clear. And he has a wonderful ability to connect with children. We hired him for our 9 year old grandson's birthday party. In addition to 9 year old boys, the group included a couple of younger girls and several adults. Matias connected with everyone. He was also very effective in the "workshop" after the show teaching some simple tricks to the audience."

- Steve Jellinek
Older Kids Birthday Party Show in Arlington, MA

Steven Watson, Five Star Review "It was a lot of fun and the kids enjoy it a lot! Out of the 18 years running family day, with a different magician each year, you had by far the best show!"

- Steven Watson
Director - Pirate Canoe Club,
Holiday Party in Kent, NY

Tanya Ajay, Five Star Review "I heard he was good from another magician i met at my favorite place in greenwich. It was really enjoyed it."

- Tanya Ajay
Birthday party in Greenwich, CT

Tiffany Martinez, Five Star Review "Matias was great!!! My son was turning 3 but other than him we have no other small children in our family so I wanted something that all the kids would enjoy. Matias was very entertaining and was phenomenal with my 3 year old. I would hire him again!!!!!"

- Tiffany Martinez
1st Birthday Party in Pawtucket, RI

Vanessa Miller, Five Star Review "Matias was absolutely wonderful!! He was kind, patient and professional at all times. He engaged the young kids at my son's b-day party without a problem and everyone kept approaching me saying how wonderful and funny he was. Can't wait to hire him again for another event :)"

- Vanessa Miller
Birthday party in Bayonne, NJ

Wanda Mayranen, Five Star Review "Absolutely, without a doubt, the best investment ever! Extremely professional, top notch performance. Both the kids and the kids at heart were totally impressed. The only improvement I could think of would be to have more money in our budget to be able to expand upon our time together and see MORE! Would highly recommend to anyone."

- Wanda Mayranen
Director of HR - COGEBI,
Holiday Party in Dover, NH

Willie Young, Five Star Review "Matias did a wonderful show for our daughter's birthday party. It was great magic, with an excellent sense of humor for the kids, and they were enchanted throughout. The ways that he makes the children comfortable and draws them into the magic are highly admirable. All of the parents who stayed there were very impressed, and our daughter greatly enjoyed her birthday as well being part of the show. He was very cordial and professional in planning for the show, and gave us great guidance for the party. We are fully satisfied with his performance and recommend him most highly."

- Willie Young
Birthday party in Beverly, MA

Heather Bond, Five Star Review "Funny, talented kids show! Matias kept our large audience (about 500) captivated with his magic tricks and his funny jokes. Very professional artist who never missed a beat! Adorable rabbit too!"

- Heather Bond
President - MOMS Club of Bedford,
Stage Show in Bedford, NH

Jillian Stronk, Five Star Review "I was rendered speechless! All of the tricks made me smile."

- Jillian Stronk
Director - 4-H Fair,
Stage Show in Durham, CT

Lauren Alongi, Five Star Review "Great Entertainer! Both children and parents alike were awed and amazed by Matias at our family event."

- Lauren Alongi
Wayland Children and Parents Association,
Stage Show in Wayland, MA

Maryhelen Burk, Five Star Review "Excellent! Matias you and your wife are delightful and the children were so engaged. You show respect to child, while challenging child's imagination. Your interaction with the children is wonderful, soft spoken- the audience were intent listeners. Thank you so much for a great show."

- Maryhelen Burk
Director - Milford Oyster Festival,
Stage Show in Milford, CT

Stephanie Calderone, Five Star Review "Amazing show! Highly recommend! We used Magician Matias for a large fundraising event for our club. His show was great!! He really did an amazing job holding all of the children's interest, especially with such a large group (over 1,100 attendees). There were children there of all ages, and he did a really great job keeping everyone entertained, including the adults too! He did a great job working with the space/venue we used and transformed the space to make it his own. He was extremely responsive and great to work with! Matias has a great personality and is very accommodating and professional. He is really great with children. He stayed for a little bit after so kids could visit with him, which was really nice. I can't say enough good things about Matias and his magic. You can tell that magic is his passion. I would highly recommend Magician Matias for your next event or party!"

- Stephanie Calderone
President - MOMS Club of Bedford,
Stage Show in Bedford, NH

Ann Langone, Five Star Review "Magician Matias put on an amazing show for children and families at our library. He arrived early, required little set up, and made everything easy for us, even handing out Matias Magician coloring sheets to the early birds. The show was multilingual, interactive, lively and engaging with music, humor, a live rabbit and lots of chances for participation. He even taught the kids a trick and gave them the instructions they need to do it at home. Everyone loved the big finale and the chance to pet the rabbit goodbye. Hire him-- you will not be disappointed."

- Ann Langone
Children's Librarian - Faneuil Branch/Boston Public Library,
Library show at Faneuil Branch/Boston Public Library, Brighton, MA

Cathy Pintiagini, Five Star Review "Excellent Performance. The Somerville Public Library just had the pleasure of hosting a magic show this afternoon with Matias Letelier. Matias brought a lot of humor, enthusiasm, energy - and a rabbit! - to his performance. The kids were fascinated and really enjoyed the show. Recommend for children ages 5 and older/families. Thanks again, Matias, for a wonder program."

- Cathy Pintiagini
Children's Librarian - Somerville Public Library,
Library show at Somerville Public Library, Somerville, MA

Claire Gross, Five Star Review "Magician Matias performed his Magic of Imagination show at the Egleston Square Library for an audience of about 45 kids (ages 4-12) and parents as part of our summer programming kickoff. The show focuses on the power of imagination and uses a lot of wordplay and storytelling, so it's easy to tie in with the library mission. The tricks were very impressive (I couldn't figure out how they worked), and his patter was hilarious and very kid-friendly. He was great with the kids both during the show (he used a lot of volunteer assistants) and after (he let all the kids meet his bunny Bowtie). We drew a slightly wider age range than we were planning for, but it didn't seem to be a problem -- all ages were enraptured. The parents also seemed to have a blast, as did our staff. He was very professional - arrived well ahead of time, brought his own sound system, and took care of all setup and cleanup. He also was happy to stick around after the show and answer kids' and parents' questions (in both English and Spanish, a boon for our community). Many kids and parents thanked me afterward for bringing the show to the library. Highly recommended!"

- Claire Gross
Children's Librarian - Egleston Square Branch Library,
Library show at Egleston Square Branch Library, Roxbury, MA

Emily Meyer, Five Star Review "Matias was fantastic! Booking him was quick and easy, and he wa always fast to respond to my e-mails. We had a group of 40 with a range of ages from 3-60, and everyone had a blast and was amazed and entertained. I loved Neptune, the bunny, and how interactive the show was with lots of magician's assistants. Highly recommended!"

- Emily Meyer
Children's Librarian - Uphams Corner Library,
Library show at Uphams Corner Library, Boston, MA

Luchie Abdal-Khallaq, Five Star Review "I am greatly appreciative, impressed, and satisfied with the performance by Magician Matias. He incorporated the theme of our event into his act and was very interactive with the crowd. I'm happy to have found an entertainer who was extremely accommodating, prepared, and organized. In the future when looking for a magician I will definitely refer Magician Matias and look to book him again. He was very personable and great with the children as well as adults."

- Luchie Abdal-Khallaq
Children's Librarian - Dudley Library,
Library show at Dudley Library, Roxbury, MA

Margaret Kelly, Five Star Review "Matias performed a fantastic show at our library. The children were mesmerized by the magic tricks and laughed so much at all of Matias' silly antics. Matias performed the show in both English and Spanish. It was so wonderful to have a bi-lingual program for our community. Matias is very professional and great to work with! We can't wait to have him back!"

- Margaret Kelly
Children's Librarian - East Boston Library,
Library show at East Boston Library, East Boston, MA

Marie Jarry, Five Star Review "We have a large Hispanic population so his ability to speak Spanish was a plus! I liked how he related to the kids and did tricks for their level but also kept the adults interested. Excellent experience, would definitely book again!"

- Marie Jarry
Children's Librarian - Fair Haven Public Library,
Library show at Fair Haven Public Library, New Haven, CT

Meghan Forsell, Five Star Review "Matias performed at our Central library to a full-house of eager and excited families. He was friendly and happy and wowed the children with his magic tricks. His performance lasted about an hour and included lots of audience participation. Children raved about some of their favorite "tricks", some of which included a REAL live bunny rabbit and making a table AND people levitate! Parents also raved about the program, saying it was truly excellent. Due to the crowd and me needing to staff the children's room, I didn't get to witness the entire performance in our auditorium, but the sounds of amazement could be heard behind the closed door. Matias also mentions the importance of reading, and if you have a certain "book of the month" or other book featured at your library, he'll incorporate sharing that in his show.Fun, imaginitive, and worth every penny!"

- Meghan Forsell
Children's Librarian - Somerville Public Library,
Library show at Somerville Public Library, Somerville, MA

Nancy Abbey, Five Star Review "Everyone LOVED this. I can't thank you enough - truly great."

- Nancy Abbey
Children's Librarian - Milford Public Library,
Library show at Milford Public Library, Milford, CT

Luann Dutra, Five Star Review "A great magical night! I Had the pleasure of seeing this Magician Matias at an event I was invited to and he was amazing . His delivery was very mysterious as a great magician's should be. He had his audience pulled in from the moment he started. Each person looked in wonder as each magic was performed. I would recommend Magician Matias to bring unforgetful night of magic to your next party!"

- Luann Dutra,
Close-Up Show in Cranston, RI

April Fraleigh, Five Star Review "Magician Matias taught a Magic class for grades K-5 at our elementary afterschool program. It??s been at least 5 months since he taught the class and the kids are still talking about it how much fun it was! He taught the kids fun tricks they could easily perform for friends and family with materials easily found in the house. As one of the program administrators he was always very responsive and easy to get in touch with. We would welcome him back anytime!"

- April Fraleigh
PTO - Naramake School,
Naramake School, Norwalk, CT

Barbara Feldman, Five Star Review "It was excellent and the students really enjoyed it. So we booked a second show! It was really terrific. I would recommend him to anyody looking for a wonderful experience!"

- Barbara Feldman
Director - Woodhouse Academia Special Ed High School,
Woodhouse Academia Special Ed High School, Milford, CT

Barbara Feldman, Five Star Review "I loved the way he included our students into the show.They were totally involved! It was wonderful! We would do it again!"

- Barbara Feldman
Director - Woodhouse Academia Special Ed High School,
Woodhouse Academia Special Ed High School, Milford, CT

Carol Czech, Five Star Review "Matias came to entertain us with his Magic at our Preschool's end of the year show. He was very professional and the kid's and teachers alike were amazed by his magic tricks! He did some of the usual tricks and then some that we had never seen before. He was very good with the children and got them involved with the show. They especially liked the trick that the rabbit did ;)'ll have to book his show to see what I mean! Thanks Matias!!"

- Carol Czech
Step Ahead Childcare,
Day Care in Quincy, MA

Christine Maiorano, Five Star Review "Matias is a polished professional performer w/ amazing show! Matias gave a very entertaining professional performance to my preschoolers. By involving many of the children in his show he was able to hold their attention and engage them. His activities were amazing to the adults as well as the children. I'd highly recommend him to anyone!"

- Christine Maiorano
Principal - Pied Piper Preschool,
Pied Piper Preschool, Duxbury, MA

Cindy Henry, Five Star Review "Thrilling and very much fun. He held our attention for the entire show! Even from only using the website we could tell that Matias would be perfect for our kids and families! We loved his playful personality and rapport with the audience!"

- Cindy Henry
Principal - Oak Grove Montessori School,
Oak Grove Montessori School, Mansfield, CT

Denise Lau, Five Star Review "A Night of Magic! Just as could have been imagined. A perfect family event where adults and children were recruited from the audience to participate on stage. It's great that Magician Matias is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, too. Levitating child and floating table are highlights of the show!"

- Denise Lau
PTO - Brophy Elementary School,
Brophy Elementary School, Framingham, MA

Eileen Thyne , Five Star Review "Matias did an outstanding job working the crowd and performing magic tricks during our After Prom party. The students were both impressed and entertained by his tricks and illusions. We would glady hire him again for our next event."

- Eileen Thyne
PTO - AMSA after Prom party,
AMSA after Prom party, Marlborough, MA

Jason Gallagher, Five Star Review "Our students loved the show. The 2 performances were differentiated for the different grade levels, and both shows were fantastic! Students were able to use their imagination to enjoy magic."

- Jason Gallagher
Principal - Harvard-Kent Elementary School,
Harvard-Kent Elementary School, Charlestown, MA

Joanne Willett, Five Star Review "Magician Matias entertained students and staff alike with his high energy and mesmerizing magic! We enjoyed his show!"

- Joanne Willett
Principal - Susan B. Anthony Middle School,
Susan B. Anthony Middle School, Revere, MA

Julee Vitello, Five Star Review "Matias the Magician is a spectacular, funny and very entertaining act! The children were amazed, engaged and had their funny bones tickled, all at the same time! I cannot say enough. I would recommend hiring Matias to entertain at any type of event!"

- Julee Vitello
Alcott Elementary School,
Alcott Elementary School, Concord, MA

Julia Dweck, Five Star Review "My third grade gifted students were reading a book in class which references a magic show. Matias extended the learning, adding scope and depth to the story, by introducing my students to some engaging magic lessons that employ imaginative thinking. He really understood this age group and the students were totally engaged and inspired by him. We'd love to have him visit again."

- Julia Dweck
Teacher - Willow Lane Elementary,
Willow Lane Elementary, Macungie, PA

Kathleen Girard, Five Star Review "Wow....Matias is incredible!!!! Matias is truly amazing. He arrived early for our event and set such an incredible scene on the stage. He transformed the space into a magical wonderland! As it sometimes happens, guests were late so we had to push back the time for the start. Matias was so accomodating, never complained, DID NOT charge us more, and when it came time for the show, He did not take shortcuts! The show itself...WOW! Seriously kids and adults were blown away. This was not your typical magician doing the same old tricks that the kids make fun of. We have booked magicians yearly and Matias is by far the best of the best! It has been almost a week and the kids are still talking about it. Matias is a true artist and worth above and beyond his price! A true proffesional with passion for his craft and a heart of gold. My him now!"

- Kathleen Girard
PTO - William E Sheehan School,
Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner in Westwood, MA

Kelly Reiser, Five Star Review "Matias did VERY WELL. It was a fun show, very age appropriate!"

- Kelly Reiser
Teacher - Milton Academy,
Milton Academy, Milton, MA

Marc LaChapelle, Five Star Review "Matias recently entertained at a Father/Son Dinner for our school. Matias traveled to Albany, NY for our event. He was a complete professional, and luckily for me, completely flexible. We had a speaker that needed to back out at the last minute and I was faced with some open time in our program...UGH! Matias stepped in and saved the day for me. He jumped into his performance and completely captivated the group. He was extremely personable, and kept audience involvement as he performed for a group with a grade range from 6th-12th, very impressed. The only negative to the show was some minor sound issues (fault of the venue), which Matias worked through without complaint or reservation. I don't want to be a spoiler on his content, all I will say is that everyone was still trying to figure out how he did his tricks at school today. Thanks again for a great show."

- Marc LaChapelle
Event Coordinator - Christian Brothers Academy,
Christian Brothers Academy, Albany, NY

Martha Reitman, Five Star Review "He came recommended from a teacher who had seen Matias before. What I like most about Magician Matias was how he involved the students in the show. Very Good - Excellent. "

- Martha Reitman
Principal - Saint Lawrence School,
Saint Lawrence School, Shelton, CT

Mary-Kay Kaminski, Five Star Review "I liked his Personality, Philosophy and skill. I was amazed and enchanted. Thanks so much"

- Mary-Kay Kaminski
Teacher - Wexler Grant Elementary School,
Wexler Grant Elementary School, New Haven, CT

Meghann Moran, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was nothing short of amazing! He came to our school and did a show with our small group of Kindergartners and then taught them some tricks. He was age appropriate, funny and sweet. We have some very shy children and he made them feel comfortable and happy. He even sent them each home with materials to do their own tricks! We would recommend him to any one who is looking for a fantastic magician."

- Meghann Moran
Teacher - The Beacon Hill Nursery School,
The Beacon Hill Nursery School, Boston, MA

Michelle Minasian, Five Star Review "Matias was very professional in the planning process of booking this event for a elementary school. He arrived early to have plenty of time to setup. His set is perfect with a wonderful backdrop and sound system. He was very flexible with timing, when our guests were a bit late in arriving. His show was outstanding. The children were mesmerized by his show. He involved many of the kids which they really enjoyed. He is a very talented magaician with a creative and unique show. I would happily book him again as soon as I get an opportunity."

- Michelle Minasian
Teacher - Armenian Sisters Academy,
Armenian Sisters Academy, Lexington, MA

Mike B., Five Star Review "Matias was a big hit at the Cub Scout Banquet! Recently Georgetown Pack 50 cub scouts had the pleasure of being entertained by Matias the magician at their annual Blue & Gold banquet. This was an outstanding show and the audience was very well entertained. There were nearly 100 children (scouts and siblings) in attendance and they all enjoyed it very much. Lots of laughter and cheering, with much audience participation. The kids were on the edge of their seats throughout. Several children have told me since that Matias was "the best magician ever!" Two thumbs way up!!!"

- Mike B.
Pennbroke School Cub Scout Pack 50,
Cub Scout Blue and Gold Dinner in Georgetown, MA

Monica Lucey, Five Star Review "Excellent show, entertainig! We thoroughly enjoyed Matias' show at our school. He engaged all the boys, grades 5-9 and had them interested and excited about magic! He also had them wanting to participate!"

- Monica Lucey
PTO - Hillside School,
Hillside School, Marlborough, MA

Nicole Lane, Five Star Review "Matias came and gave us a good show. He interacted well with the children but the children being the age they are lost interest in some of the long stories he told about his history with magic. I think children would have been more engaged with an interactive review of how he began his magical career. Perhaps imagining being in Chile. Overall it was a good show! Matias, the children really loved your performance! Thanks again for coming to amaze us!"

- Nicole Lane
Director - Rising Stars Childcare,
Day Care in Lynn, MA

Priya Jain, Five Star Review "Fun, delightful, Great Illusions and kids were intrigued! Matias is a great magician and a really good guy too and very funny! Never hired a magician before and his website is very helpful if you don't know what to look for. It gives you an opportunity to see his performance. Plus, if you are hiring him for older kids, you can see from his posted videos of shows where audiences are older kids that he caters to a broad range of ages and is very good at it.We hired him to do a show for the school's grand opening and we heard several parents asking their children if they want him as the entertainer for their birthday party. We couldn't agree more. He had the attention of every child and even the parents, and that speaks volume about his performance. His tricks was so baffling to the kids but they were also so intrigued by it, they were glued to his performance. And one thing to point out why I keep saying he is a good person is because, he asked for permission first if he could use a party popper in his performance. Not only was he concerned of the loud pop but was also concerned that he was making a mess for us to clean. Doesn't that show how considerate he is as a person? He is. "

- Priya Jain
Director - The Wonder School,
The Wonder School, Belmont, MA

Trevor Farrell, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was excellent! It was such a pleasure to work with him and to hire someone who my colleagues agreed was extremely entertaining, professional, and fun! I hired him for a magic show at our school. The kids loved the show! I have never seen them so engaged. His trick were top quality and his connection with the audience was instantaneous. The students also loved his GREAT balloon twisting after the show. I would definitely recommend Magician Matias to my friends and colleagues for a work or social function! I am going to book him in for next year myself!"

- Trevor Farrell
Teacher - Rye Junior High School,
Rye Junior High School, Rye, NH

Vicki Bradley, Five Star Review "Fantastic entertainment for the whole family! recently saw Matias at a fundraiser, and the show was excellent! He is very engaging with lots of audience participation. The magic tricks were great, and left everyone wondering how he did them. The kids loved him and had a great time. See him when you can - it's so much fun!"

- Vicki Bradley
PTO - Hastings Elementary School,
Hastings Elementary School, Westborough, MA

Amalia Klinger-Powell, Five Star Review "Very generous with his time and schedule and extremely skilled as a magician. We have a special needs day camp and the kids loved the show!"

- Amalia Klinger-Powell
Daybreak Summer Camp,
Stage Show in Cambridge, MA

Bonnie J. Hall, Five Star Review "Dear Matias Letelier, On behalf of my entire camp staff and our Campers, I want to thank you for the wonderful magic show yesterday _definitely a highlight for campers! J Thank you so very much _the presentation was a great release for our campers, and the visuals really kept them interested and engaged. We would certainly like to have you come back get you to come back for round two next summer, if you are in the area visiting/if at all possible!"

- Bonnie J. Hall
Director - Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp,
Stage Show in Worcester, MA

Chris B., Five Star Review "Our summer camp of 4-13yo's hosted Matias one morning and I don't think we've had a more entertaining guest. Though I had been working with these kids for nearly 3 weeks, Matias earned their direct attention for the entirety of the show, something I've been trying for a while now! This is certainly the mark of a great performer and entertainer. If ever the campers were distracted, or still excited about a previous joke, he would successfully redirect their attention. His jokes and tricks were age appropriate, even for such a wide range of children. I'd love to see some of his adult level magic."

- Chris B.
4th Church Summer Camp,
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Eileen DeMichele, Five Star Review "Amazing! He is very professional, energetic and the children we're engaged the entire time. I like how he incorporated concepts of imagination, friendship and even Math into the act."

- Eileen DeMichele
Director - Paraclete Summer camp,
Stage Show in Boston, MA

James R., Five Star Review "Great show! He really interacted well with the audience and kept them totally engaged and interested. The kids couldn't stop talking about his show the entire day. He had a variety of tricks that even amazed me. Would definitely recommend this magician to anyone!"

- James R.
4th Church Summer Camp,
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Katie Cole, Five Star Review "Magician Matias gave a stellar performance for our summer camp of about 100 children aged 4-13. We had everyone in our audience from scared 4 year olds to cynical 13 year olds, and he successfully engaged, mystified, and delighted the entire camp and staff with a fantastic show well suited to our needs. Of the many guest performers and shows that have visited our camp this summer, his performance has been THE favorite with the kids! I would absolutely work with him again and I highly recommend him to camps like ours!"

- Katie Cole
4th Church Summer Camp,
Stage Show in Dorchester, MA

Kay Lewis, Five Star Review "The show was engaging from start to finish. Matias was responsive to my availability inquiries and followed up regarding the show procedures. He is a true professional. Children ages 4-13 loved the show and were truly amazed by his illusions."

- Kay Lewis
Director - Discovery Camp (Ages 4-8) & Adventure Camp (Ages 8-12),
Stage Show in Medfield, MA

Lauren Monroe, Five Star Review "Matias did a great job with our kids (24 kids at a time, twice, so 48 total). In addition to an exciting show he taught the kids tricks and everyone left with a book of magic tricks. Kids were thrilled to teach these to teachers and adults at the finish."

- Lauren Monroe
Director - Exxon Mobil Bernard Harris Summer Science Camp,
Stage Show in Worcester, MA

Nathan S., Five Star Review "He was very good with the kids, and as a counselor, I was also fairly confounded by a number of his tricks such as the levitation trick. And I loved his Chilean accent!"

- Nathan S.
4th Church Summer Camp,
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Ryan C., Five Star Review "I saw Matias performed for a hall full of children. It was amazing that the children were completely engaged in the performance. So was I. An excellent performer who is funny, charismatic, and who also delivers impressive magic."

- Ryan C.
4th Church Summer Camp,
Stage Show in Boston, MA

Sheila Buckman, Five Star Review "Matias kept the children totally entertained at fourth church. He was very impressive with his magic and involving the children with it. Keep doing what you are doing Matias because it works with the children. Thank you for an amazing experience."

- Sheila Buckman
4th Church Summer Camp,
Stage Show in South Boston, MA

Alain Cortez, Five Star Review "Everyone loved Mathias' performance including the older kids (12-17 year olds) and adults. You know it's a great show when everyone talks about it and their favorite parts after it's over. My daughter, the birthday girl was beside herself. She loved it. Some people even said that it was the highlight of the party. We will definitely use Mathias again...Alain"

- Alain Cortez
Teens Birthday in Quincy, MA

Carol Aiosa, Five Star Review "I hired Matias for my daughter's Sweet 16 family dinner to entertain our 40 guests by going table to table. Everyone just loved him! I am still getting calls on how I managed to find such a personable and very talented magician. Matias also had the patience to entertain four children ages 4 and 5 who are still talking about him today. I highly recommend Matias for any event you may have. Matias and his performance was spectacular!"

- Carol Aiosa
Sweet Sixteen in Bayside, NY

Cecile Mercado, Five Star Review "Matias performed a magic show for a group of about 30 girls at my daughter's Sweet Sixteen party. I was afraid that a magic show may be more appropriate for little kids but Matias was able to tailor his show for teenagers. The girls were very excited and several volunteered to be on stage with him. The show was very interactive, funny, and everyone enjoyed it, including my husband and me! We asked Matias to bring his bunny -Bowtie- who was a big celebrity and everyone wanted a picture with him too. Thanks again, Matias! That was a great time!"

- Cecile Mercado
Sweet Sixteen in Bedford, MA

Deanna Saif, Five Star Review "Daughter said it was awesome! Birthday party for my 11 year old daughter and we all had a great time! Magician Matias kept everyone entertained and had fun interactions with the guests. Great reviews from all the adults also. My frugal husband was skeptical before the show, but after the show had nothing but praise."

- Deanna Saif
Teens Birthday in Salem, NH

Dorothy Rostler, Five Star Review "was very professional- showed up on time, held the children's attention- had good chemistry with the kids- was a great show!! Would definitely hire him again -this was only a 45 minute show- would love to have him do longer show."

- Dorothy Rostler
Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Waltham, MA

Jeff Banker, Five Star Review "Matias provided walk around magic for our son's recent Bar Mitzvah which was outstanding. We have used several magicians in the past, and Matias provided mystifying magic for both kids and adults...we had a few magic skeptics in the crowd who were talking about his tricks the day after! Matias is clearly one of the best in the area and his fees are commensurate with his talent and performance."

- Jeff Banker
Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Boston, MA

Leah Ronan, Five Star Review "Matias was coming to entertain our guests at my son's high school graduation party. He was mingling in the back yard, on the porch wowing kids and adults alike with his card tricks. This got the attention of everyone there and then he did a short stage show, which was also amazing and thrilled the entire audience. Unfortunately, Matias was late because of a soccer game at Gillette stadium (which is in direct route to our house). He was very apologetic and let me decide how to proceed as far as paying him. We paid him his full price as the traffic wasn't his fault and he was awesome to watch. We plan to use him again in the future for a client event for my husbands business. He is very professional, friendly, funny and a great magician. Loved him!!"

- Leah Ronan
HS Graduation in Franklin, MA

Lynne Bermudez, Five Star Review "We had Matias for my daughter's 12th birthday party. He was fantastic. He was on time, and his act (45 min.) was funny, all the girls were involved, and the magic was great. My daughter entered the party by coming out of a floating box!"

- Lynne Bermudez
Teens Birthday in topsfield, MA

Melissa Hoffman, Five Star Review "We hired Matias Letelier to perform magic for our daughter's 13th birthday party. The party had a Halloween theme and his performance fit right in. His tricks were age appropriate and did not involve tricks that would be seen as too "immature" by kids this age. His card tricks were phenomenal and really stumped all of us, kids and adults alike. He was professional and enthusiastic. By the end of the show, all the girls at the party wanted his autograph and a picture with him. Too cute! We highly recommend Matias Letelier :)"

- Melissa Hoffman
Sweet Sixteen in North Easton, MA

Roberta Martin, Five Star Review "MATIAS was the glue that tied my whole party together; working a crowd of 60, all ages, and he especially kept my son (the guest of honor and HS graduate) and all of his friends entertained. His presentation, stage, microphone and magic tricks were professional and he was truly engaging. 110% professional; extremely likable individual. MATIAS corresponded with me 2 or 3 times via email, promptly and 2 times by telephone before my party to solicit information needed to customize our show. No one could ask for more. I am a demanding customer. MATIAS left me completely happy and he did it with style and grace. Hats off to this wonderful entertainer!!!"

- Roberta Martin
HS Graduation in Holliston, MA

Robin Milsten, Five Star Review "Matias is AWESOME!!! In fact, we have had other magicians before and none compare to Matias. We wanted a something that differentiated our party from all the others and Matias came up with a fabulous idea, my daughter magically appeared out of a box. He even took extra time to rehearse with my daughter the day before the party. All my guests were blown away. We will absolutely use him again!! Thanks Matias for a fabulous event!"

- Robin Milsten
Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Foxborough, MA

Rose Tan, Five Star Review "We had a high school graduation party this past Saturday. Matias came and performed for an hour. He arrived 15 minutes early and was well prepared. He performed in front of 50 people up close. We had such fun! Matias was amazing! My guests are still talking about him today!"

- Rose Tan
HS Graduation in Andover, MA

Scott Martin, Five Star Review "ALL of the children loved him and had a blast!!! We paid extra for the workshop for the kids and the levitation and it was a great idea. They loved it! Would highly suggest Matias to anybody I know and he is great with the kids! Very patient and involved everybody! 5 Stars!!!"

- Scott Martin
Teens Birthday in Hanover, MA

Sharon Tang, Five Star Review "Great Magician. Matias came to my daughter's 12th year birthday party. I had a party with a group of about 40 people with age ranged from 5 to 82. Everyone enjoyed his show every much. All kids LOVED him. His show is very interactive and kids are very much engaged and involved. His magic tricks are very professional and even adults and seniors enjoyed too! I would definitely recommend him for anyone."

- Sharon Tang
Teens Birthday in Wayland, MA

Susan Duprey, Five Star Review "Matias performed table magic at my daughters 16th b-day party. 8 teenage girls can be a hard act to couldn't be "cheesy" or childish. Matias was perfect! His playful personality (and great accent) was captivating and more importantly his magic is top notch. The girls were amazed! They were still talking about his tricks the next day."

- Susan Duprey
Sweet Sixteen in Boston, MA

Catherine Alger, Five Star Review "Awesome show our family is still talking about you! Dear Matias, I wanted to thank you again for the awesome show at Stephanie and Sean's engagement party, our family is still talking about you. It was truly amazing and fun entertainment. Thank you so very much! Cathy"

- Catherine Alger
Engagement/Wedding Proposal in Walpole, MA

Cheryl Willkins, Five Star Review "Very entertaining and funny. Matias involved many people from the audience. Very pleased with the performance."

- Cheryl Willkins
Close-Up Show in Lisbon, NH

Jean Cazeau, Five Star Review "Matias was wonderful to work with! I trusted this magician to help me with one of the most important events of my life. Proposing to the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I knew I wanted a magician, but did not have a concrete plan in place. Matias helped me brainstorm and come up with a great plot to surprise my fianc?. When we arrived at the restaurant, he had devised an even more intricate plan to make the scene more believable. Then the magic show he performed was well beyond what I could have imagined and the night ended up being perfect!!! He recorded the entire thing as she said, "Yes!" and I could not have asked for a more dedicated, professional experience! He is currently editing the recording, so I cannot comment on the quality yet, but I do not expect anything less than what he has already put together for us! I would recommend him to anyone wanting a magician for any event he advertises!"

- Jean Cazeau
Engagement/Wedding Proposal in Providence, RI

Lori Lafrance, Five Star Review "Matias was amazing. He was versatile showing the ability to entertain a broad range of people ages 2-70+. He structured his magic to fit our event. We have nothing but good things to say about him. This is our second time experiencing one of his routines and they were both great. We highly recommend him for any event. Beyond his magic he has a great sense of humor! "

- Lori Lafrance
Close-Up Show in Bristol, RI

Mike Mazzarella, Five Star Review "He was very friendly and personal and he really seemed to care about making it a special day. My magical experience was a good one. Lindsay and I enjoyed the show, and we believed others did as well. Our wedding was a magical night and Matias definitely helped to make it that way. Thank you! Keep up the good work buddy. Good luck with everything, hopefully we will see you again in the future."

- Mike Mazzarella
Light House,
Stage Show in New Haven, CT

Meryl Reiss, Five Star Review "We hired Matias for our son Ryan’s 12th Birthday, a dinner party for 35 sophisticated city kids, who have seen it all! We asked Matias, not to pull any bunnies out of his hat, or cut a lady in half... but to do slight of hand and work the room with his magic, as if it were a teen/adult party. Matias more than met our expectations! The kids gravitated towards him immediately, and he was engaging and charming. He arrived on time, was professional and Ryan was very happy!! We will be calling on Matias again, and we highly recommend him!"

- Meryl Reiss
Teens Birthday in New York, NY

Shulem Lemmer, Five Star Review "pending"

- Shulem Lemmer
Magic Show in x, NY

Lori Massaro, Five Star Review "Matias performed at the pre-show at our big fashion show at Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. He did a terrific job at engaging our audience which included industry executives, faculty, students and even children. We all enjoyed his energy, wit and awesome magic. Matias was professional, reliable and delightful to work with"

- Lori Massaro
Director - Fashion Institute of Technology NY,
Close-Up Show in New York, NY

Phyllis Freilich, Five Star Review "We hired Magician Matias for a parent social evening at our high school in Riverdale, NY. He was reliable, professional and everything went exactly as planned. The audience very much enjoyed the show. There was tons of laughter. Matias is a totally appropriate choice for corporate, non-profit, fundraiser, etc. events where funny, clever, "clean" entertainment is required. Highly recommend."

- Phyllis Freilich
PTO - SAR High School,
Stage Show in Riverdale, NY

Roxanne Ardary, Five Star Review "He was on time, professional, and put on a very entertaining show with a lot of audience interaction. He was extremely easy to work with and was able to cater to our time schedule and work with our program. Was very pleased all aspects."

- Roxanne Ardary
Director - Long and Foster Real Estate Inc.,
Stage Show in Atlantic City, NJ

Judy Shacalo, Five Star Review "Matias is by far the best magician. This is the 3rd time I have seen his children's show and it always varies. He is very nice and funny and the children loved him. Absolutely entertaining!"

- Judy Shacalo
Birthday party in Brooklyn, NY

Cesar Moncayo, Five Star Review "He is the best, I will definitely recommend him for any event, he is so fun to see, and so professional. excellent"

- Cesar Moncayo
Sales Rep - Clover,
Trade Show in North Bergen, NJ

Jaime Walden, Five Star Review "From 501(c)(3) non-profit: The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus On October 6th, 2015, Yoko Ono and The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus hosted a special event called Imagine Peace in Central Park's beautiful East Meadow. Our aim was to create the largest human peace sign ever in honor of John Lennon's 75th birthday. To do so, we asked thousands of people to stand in one spot for a few hours to ensure the sign's formation was perfect. In the process of planning our event, we decided to hire some entertainment to mingle within the crowd and promote an atmosphere of happiness and peace. We are very fortunate to have hired Matias because he did just that! He could be seen creating smiles and most certainly memories tirelessly throughout the day. The Lennon Bus is very excited to have had Matias as part of our team, and believe fully he will add just as much joy and excitement to any event he is a part of as he did to Imagine Peace."

- Jaime Walden
Director - The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus ,
Close-Up Show in New York, NY

Kevin Stratos, Five Star Review "Absolutely amazing magician. We had Magician Matias come to our corporate party, we looked up many magicians before booking and were very pleased to pick Matias. For one he is very easy to deal with, on booking and scheduling. Then he was early for the event, did an amazing show with walk around magic and a nice show. Everybody at our company was buzzing, really made it an incredible event. You will be very happy if you book him!!"

- Kevin Stratos
Manager - Global Telecom Supply,
Holiday Party in Roslyn Heights, NY

Isaac Elyassoff, Five Star Review "We wanted to add a special touch to our holiday party and we are very glad we chose Magician Matias, after reviewing many other magicians. First of all he has a great personality and knows how to deliver a very fun show, that at the same time fascinated everybody. He is extremely talented and very highly recommended. We were extremely satisfied with his performance. Other important positive comments, he was there early, had a full set up, very professional, and was always in touch. Very highly recommended!!"

- Isaac Elyassoff
Vice President - Global Telecom Supply,
Holiday Party in Roslyn Heights, NY

Vanessa Diaz, Five Star Review "pending"

- Vanessa Diaz
Magic Show in x, NY

Tami Turgman, Five Star Review "pending"

- Tami Turgman
Magic Show in x, NY

Leonard Sallahian, Five Star Review "pending"

- Leonard Sallahian
Magic Show in x, NY

Zena Nelson, Five Star Review "Magician Matias was great. He preformed for my son's bday at his preschool. Amazingly, he was able to keep the kids engaged for the entire time and kept the theme of imagination on the forefront. Gafas, his cute bunny, was awesome also. I would highly recommend Magician Matias to others (good price and quality work) and look forward to working w him again in the near future."

- Zena Nelson
Shorefront Ym-YWHA,
Birthday party in Brooklyn, NY

Alex Chudner, Five Star Review "pending"

- Alex Chudner
Magic Show in x, NY

Aurora Lopez, Five Star Review "Great job the kids loved him, punctual, very funny very professional"

- Aurora Lopez
Birthday party in x, NY

==> Magician Matias' reviews score: 4.96 out of 5 stars. Based on 333 ratings and user reviews.