Marriage Proposal

Program Description

  • This is a Magic Show┬áspecifically made for Marriage Proposal.
  • We offer you 3 different options where you can chose from to surprise the person you love.
  • We take care of every detail to make sure everything goes perfectly!
  • Your girlfriend/boyfriend/partner will be the star of the show!
  • We have created a special routine that creates a nice atmosphere around both of you.
  • Then, based on your specific needs, we create a special moment in which we make the ring magically appear, and you will take it from there.
  • We cover every detail to make sure she/he won't suspect anything at all.
  • And everything will be recorded in HD so you will have a copy of it to share with your family and friends and a DVD.

Marriage Proposal Video Demo

Monica & Angel

Kevin & Lois

You will be pleased after checking my Marriage Proposal references!

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