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"Absolutely terrific performance! Matias was absolutely terrific with our group. He was professional and his performance quite impressive. Everyone was extremely pleased with having him be a key part of our evening."
- Sean Roberts, Allston, MA

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  • Magic Show for Adult Parties
  • Close up strolling magic or Parlor Magic Shows available
  • Lots of fun, memorable interaction, your guests and family will actively participate in the magic show.

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5 Stars Review "Matias gave us just what I wanted! He was charming, funny, interactive and skillful. We were on a tight schedule having rented the vestry where he was to perform so it would have been a tiny bit better if he had arrived about 10 minutes earlier. But over all everyone raved about his performance, and I will pass his name on to anyone who wants a lovely, experienced, handsome young man to charm the audience completely. I was particularly impressed that he stayed to enjoy people's company and allow my guests to interact with him."
- Barbara Rich,
Stage in Groton, MA
5 Stars Review "Matias used his magical expertise and showmanship to deliver a terrific show. The audience rewarded him with a great round of applause at the end. Go see him if you get the chance."
- Bob Filene,
Stage in Boston, MA
5 Stars Review "Matias provides an excellent performance that will entertain as well as challenge young minds in a manner that is unfortunately being lost with all the many electronic i-things that are being marketed towards young people."
- Carlo P.,
Stage in Boston, MA
5 Stars Review "Matias is a consumate PRO! I've known Matias for a few years now and have been fortunate to see him work several times. He's a passionate and professional performer and I highly recommend him!"
- Daniel Trombetto,
Stage in Derby, CT
5 Stars Review "Matias is awesome!!! I saw Matias perform at a private party. He performed something for me (a card trick) that left me literally gaping in amazement. Later I saw him perform for other guests-- they were just as knocked as I was. I really recommend Matias: he's very funny and personable and he brought a warm, charismatic presence to the party when I saw him perform. (He had everyone laughing, when they weren't gasping in astonishment.) I give him my highest recommendation."
- John Sanbonmatsu,
Stage in Boston, MA
5 Stars Review "Matias is an amazing performer, and managed to blow the minds of all 12 adults in the audience! He was clever and fun and his magic was very cool. Even the most skeptical of our group was left feeling amazed and in awe. Matias showed up a few minutes early, was attentive to important details about our party and surpassed all of our expectations."
- Kelly Mcvoy,
Stage in Milford, CT
5 Stars Review "We recently invited Magician Matias to a small birthday party for co-workers. Magician Matias was so much fun! His magic was amazing and very entertaining. I liked that his show was very interactive, and I think it was a great way for my co-workers to let loose and enjoy each others' company without talking about work. Magician Matias' show left everyone astonished and laughing for hours! Not only was his show incredible, but he was really, really funny. If you're looking for something different for a gathering instead of the usual pizza and cake, I highly recommend inviting Magician Matias. We had such a great time."
- Lynn Larsen,
Stage in Boston, MA
5 Stars Review "We really enjoyed Matias farewell show. He is exceptional when it comes to providing service to his customers.The show was great. There were tricks that kept us trying to guess the secrets to that we will never be able to figure out and after speaking to people that he used for his exhibition. The tricked that wowed everyone was how he made his wife appear in the cage from no where (without even covering the cage completely- he only waved a sheet in front of it). Awesome show."
- Melissa Velazquez,
Stage in Boston, MA
5 Stars Review "Magician Matias is a wildly entertaining performer! Magician Matias has clever tricks, great energy, and a warm, inviting presence. You can't go wrong hiring him for you next event."
- Patrick Farenga,
Stage in Boston, MA
5 Stars Review "We hired Magician Matias for a parent social evening at our high school in Riverdale, NY. He was reliable, professional and everything went exactly as planned. The audience very much enjoyed the show. There was tons of laughter. Matias is a totally appropriate choice for corporate, non-profit, fundraiser, etc. events where funny, clever, "clean" entertainment is required. Highly recommend."
- Phyllis Freilich, PTO - SAR High School
Stage in Riverdale, NY

==> Magician Matias' Stage reviews score: 5.00 out of 5 stars. Based on 10 ratings and user reviews.

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